How to Get rid of Frizz & Tangles

4 years ago
It was recently brought to my attention that a dear friend of mine had sat in my stylist's chair for many years and I had neglected to tell her of a certain hair product that would change her life!
Are you laughing?
It's ok if you are--I know it sounds crazy.
Let me see if this describes you or your daughters: 
    • Your hair has 'just enough' texture to insist that you blow dry it straight with much effort and maybe even use a straightening iron to calm down all the frizzes.
    • Your hair has curl but you don't feel like it ever looks good.  Others tell you that you should wear it curly and be done but you feel like it is too puffy, frizzy & the curls just aren't pretty.
    • Your hair is so course that you feel as if you poured a jar of mayonnaise on it--it still wouldn't be soft and silky like you see on other women.
I'm gonna share with you a product that can be used by almost anyone but if you fall into one of the three categories I listed are gonna love me for this...
Ok, here it is:
It doesn't look magical, does it?
But oh the magic that  Biosilk Silk Therapy
does to tangles, frizz and wiry hair!
Technical Version: It is filled with silk proteins, botanicals, Vitamin E and sunscreen to give hair strength and high gloss shine but will not build up or weigh hair down.
My Version:  If you or your daughters have trouble with tangles, apply to the ends of  wet hair after showering but be sure to stay away from scalp.  The tangles will comb right out. 
If you have trouble with frizzy, wild curly or straight but course hair apply to ends when damp--blow dry straight as normal--and reapply a tad when completely dry.  The silk proteins work with the heat to penetrate and not only strengthen but make your hair silky. 
You have to take care to not use too much (literally like 2-4 drops) and not near the scalp.  If you apply correctly it drys in quickly and is amazing.  It is not the cheapest professional product on the market but it is soo worth it and it will last forever if used right.
Let me interject that this does NOT replace your styling product.  If you are trying to straighten your hair then use a straighting creme with this.  If you want your curls to be soft and springy then use a curl enhancing creme with this. 
You are welcome!  : )
Do you already use it? If so, tell me your experience and why you like it?
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