How Eyelash Growth Serums Work Their Magic

3 years ago


Back in February I wrote a post on my "freakishly long"eyelashes and the eyelash serum I use.

I started using eyelash conditioners about 9 years ago.  They are in my opinion simply magical!  Incredibly easy to use.  Everyone sees results when using them and they not only make your lashes grow but losing eyelashes becomes a thing of the past!  That's magic in my book!


There are also a bunch of great serums out there to chose from.  Who doesn't love having choices?!

While I think we can all agree here that these serums aremagical there is a definite method to how they work theirmagic.

So how do eyelash growth serums work?  Basically there are 3 phases of hair growth. 

*The Anagen Stage (The active growing phase.)

*The Catagen Stage (The transitional phase between resting or shedding.)

*The Telogen Stage (The resting or shedding phase.)

 The anagen stage is the growing stage.  Hair is typically in this stage for 2-6 years.  Then comes the catagen stage.  The catagen stage is in between the growing and shedding phase. usually lasting 1-2 weeks.  It is during this time that the deeper parts of the hair follicles start to collapse.  The telogen stage is the last phase and is know as the resting or shedding phase.  It generally last 5-6 months and at the end of this stage the older hairs will fall out and new ones will begin to grow. 


So basically what eyelash growth serums do is stimulate the resting hair into the anagen stage using peptides, vitamins, and minerals thus producing fuller, longer lashes.


Most people can use these product without any side effects but as with everything there are always a small percent that is an exceptions to the rule.  A very few people have reported redness and stinging if product gets in to eyes.  Most irritation goes away after a few days of use.  I have never experienced any side effects. 

If you wear contacts it is perfectly safe for you to use. However if you have any hesitation about using a lash enhancer always contact your physician first.

So tell me:
Have you ever used an eyelash serum?
What product do you consider magical?
Till next time.  Have a beautiful skin day!  Your Esthetic Goddess,  Susie

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