BlogHer '10 Shoes: How to Choose the Right Pair

7 years ago

Women talk about shoes, as my male friends tell me, "all the time," and BlogHer is no exception. I can't readily argue with them about that point so I will just admit my weakness right here and now for all to witness. Hi, my name is Kelly and I love shoes and love wearing shoes and love looking at shoes. Why am I outing myself like this? Because many of you attending BlogHer this year have confessed publicly on blogs and in tweets and on Facebook status updates that you need to know what to pack for New York this August -- and specifically, that you are baffled by the shoe packing part. I am here to help. Relax. I have a few suggestions for packing and a few fantastic selections to share with you. 

For me, packing for New York is not like packing for vacation because not only will I be wearing shoes, I hope to be admiring the ones that other women wear and possibly buying some that I'll have to fit in my suitcase for the trip back home. I won't just wear my shoes, I am planning to strut in them. At this point, my friends have come to expect it from me. The pressure! But heading to BlogHer '10 in New York isn't vacation for me, it's work. Fun work, yes, but work nonetheless.

First, pack shoes in your suitcase before you pack anything else. They are difficult to get into a suitcase if it's too filled up. You can always roll up underwear and t-shirts and stick them in your shoes for added room. Next, don't bring too many shoes. This is a three day event and you should be able to get three or four pair of shoes in a medium-sized suitcase and still have room for the rest of your belongings. (If you happen to be running for Tanner, you will need your jogging shoes, too!)

Aim for a nice mixture of pleasantly comfortable, stylish picks and at least one pair of completely impractical shoes. Here's the thing: you'll be in New York where people take cabs everywhere. Hopefully, you'll stay in the hotel where all the festivities are taking place so you won't have to worry about walking. When women get together in a space like this for an event, we like to show off a bit. Well, at least I do. And I won't be looking at your hair or makeup or jewelry at BlogHer. My experience tells me that shoes are The Thing because there is a lot of sitting in conference rooms where legs are crossed. So, you see? You can sit down and put your lovely shoes practically up in the air while you listen to amazing women talk about blogging. IS THIS HEAVEN OR WHAT?

Remember that you're going to attend conference meetings and that, at times, you may find that there is standing room only. If you're so inclined and able, then feel free to cop a squat on the floor, but it you're too dressed up from head to toe and look like you should be standing in a museum, this will prove difficult. The bulk of the walking that you'll do is between the convention center, rooms where people are speaking, and where the vendors have set up so might I suggest a pair of lovely wedge heels from Clarks Plover? I may? Ok, then let me tell you about them. They are an open-toe sandal with a criss-cross over the foot and you can easily wear them with a sundress, a pair of khaki walking shorts, or with jeans. Versatile and comfortable, this shoe gets my vote for most agreeable. The chestnut color that is shown is currently available for $49.99 at Piperlime.

Clarks Plover sandal wedge

If you're looking to go for the Yowza! factor, then let me suggest this pair of wedge sandals by Faryl Robin. The Issie sandal is a multi-colored leather sandal with the most darling button on the side for that added umph! that is required in any shoe getting a Yowza! out of me. These are more pricey at $180 so feel free to sit on the sidelines with me and admire them from afar. 


Of course, you can always bring a pair of flats because they serve two purposes: one, they are naturally comfortable for most women and two, they pack easily. In fact, you may want to use these as your traveling shoes because you can slip easily in and out of them during those pesky security checks at the airport. My favorite pair right now are designed by Penny Loves Kenny and they are a steal at $39.95 online at DSW. The vamp of this shoe is elastic (for comfort) and the treaded heel and light padding inside make them perfectly delicious to wear. However, my favorite part of this shoe is the patent leather square-capped toe with the adorable buckle. These are cozy, snug-fitting shoes which pair nicely with rolled up jeans and a smart, well-cut jacket.

cagney flats

If you're going to go with this next suggestion, might I remind you about packing shoes first? These are perfect for any of the Girls Night Out activities that BlogHer offers. This is the pair you'll want to wear to that special party, but they are entirely impractical to wear for a long length of time. If you plan on dancing at any of the evening activities I'd be willing to bet these babies come off your feet before you get your groove on. Vince Camuto makes this shoe called "Miki" and the taupe gray color is gorgeous. They are also a bit pricey at $129 at Piperlime, but do you really need to eat for the month of August when your feet could look this amazing? It's an open-toed bootie shoe with a 5" heel and a sweet little zipper on the heel. You'll be sure to make an entrance with these shoes. It's your exit that you'll want to worry about.

Vince Camuto "Miki" shoe

Since many bloggers like my friend Jenny, The Bloggess seem to have a fascination with all things zombie, I offer this final selection to you as a pair of shoes that fits many criteria: they're super hott (with extra T's), they'll make your calves look wicked sexy, and they have a zombie theme. A zombie theme. Pin Up Girl Clothing sells the Zombie Stomper platform shoes made by Iron Fist for the bargain price of $44. To make the deal sweeter, these shoes are vegan! They come with a satin bow on the back, peep toes, and zombies. Really, do I have to sell the zombies to you even more? They 4.5" inch heels are a small price to pay for a pair of platforms that could save you from the Zombie Apocalypse. If it's going to happen, people, New York City would be just the place.


My final bit of advice before even packing shoes for BlogHer New York is to break them in first. Don't bring a pair of shoes you've never worn before and expect your suitcase to magically get them ready to wear while you're on the flight. Your feet will be super upset with you for putting them through all that. Unless you bring those zombie shoes. If you pack those in your luggage they might eat the contents of your suitcase. Be warned.

Kelly leads a fabulously styled life without any zombies at Mocha Momma.

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