How to Accessorize Like a Pro

3 years ago

My mother once told me 'if you know how to accessorize, you're set for life.' Whilst not being the most philosophical piece of advice she's given, I've found that that this is one piece of advice that has really stuck with me and run true. Whilst fashion changes from season to season, year to year, one thing remains the same - the importance of having a set of key accessories that can take any outfit from drab to fab. So without further ado, here is the 'holy grail' of accessorizing like a pro.

Size matters

Accessories need to be proportional to your facial features/body type.  Not all accessories and pieces of jewelry will suit everyone, no matter how stunning the accessory. If you are very petite, then big chunky jewelry may not be the best pick - instead go for a bit more dainty jewelry. If you have small earlobes, then huge studs that 'envelop' them would also not be a good option - instead go for some cute and classy smaller studs to show of those cute ears! Be aware of the features you'd like to show off, their sizes, and what jewelry could compliment them.

Quality over quantity

Sure, it is tempting to buy loads and loads of cheap jewelry to keep up with the trends. The problem with this is that these types of fads don't last very long, and you'll most likely find yourself getting sick of the items you've bought. Instead, invest in a few quality pieces that you know you will keep forever. Diamonds for example, will never go out of style, so it may be worth your while to invest in one (or two.) There are also much more affordable options these days depending on cut and clarity, so they're not just for the wealthy anymore! Michael Hill have a fabulous range of affordable diamonds. Quality jewelry may take longer to find (and may be more expensive) but the items will stay with you forever (and maybe even be passed on to your children!)

Know your colours

Just like big (or small) jewelry may not suit everybody, all colours may not suit everybody either. If you're a pale skinned gal, then you should stay away from harsh oranges and yellows as they tend to wash you out. Instead go for softer pastel colours like baby blue and pink. If you're a darker skinned gal then you have quite a lot more freedom with your colour choices, however bright colours would really complement your skin tone (think bright reds, yellows etc.)

Knowing how to accessorize is actually an art form - you can transform any plain outfit from drab to fab with the right necklace or bag. Get to know what colours, sizes and styles suit you and you'll eventually find the process a lot easier. Make sure to never go overboard with your accessory choices as that can tend to look trashy but also take some risks once in a while! Most of all just have fun with it!

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