TO HOT TO HANDLE - Why I refuse to Accept Short Shorts into Fashion

3 years ago
Trends by definition are fad, an of the moment look or style that defines a fashion season. Or in some cases, redefines it. As a city stylista, (yes, I just made that up), I try to never follow trends, but rather, start them or wear them at their lowest peak of mass market wear. A few exceptions? Anything mint, stripes and as much as I hate to admit it, Birkenstocks although I've had mine long before the summer every fashion mag under the sun featured them as a must have item. But sometimes, every once in a whole there is a trend so awful, a look so horrid, that its inception into the world of fashion trends is less a feat and more a defeat. In this case the score seems to be fashion=0, hot pants =1. 
Last weekend I was walking through the East Village with my boyfriend when we realized 2 dozen different groups of women had walked by. They didn't know each-other, although they seemed to share a very, specific aesthetic. They were all wearing short shorts, or for lack of a new word, hot pants. This look, which is suddenly everywhere mixes the look of shorts with the cut of underwear.  And it some cases, kinda just underwear. This is done by a cut that is not horizontal but diagonal and merging the look of shorts with the popular underwear style, cheekies. I was so mortified to see what had come upon me, I yelled out loud in anger to no particular person, and expressed how disturbed I was to which my boyfriend replied, "Well, why don't you write about it". So that's exactly what I did. 
In the old days the myth was that the length of a women's skirt was directly parallel to the state of our economy. When were prosperous the mini skirt reigned supreme and when we were in a depression that mini turned maxi and more maxi. But today can the same be said? It seems to no longer be a direct correlation to our economy but perhaps a statement on our future. And that statement appears to be less is more. So how can we explain the rise of these shorts? 
In general opinion, when u try, you can look amazing. But on the flip side, trying too hard is never a good thing and quite simply, sometimes that is fashion. Fashion doesn't know color, age or creed. In of itself it is unbiased. It is us, the wearers, the pushers, the trend setters that turn it into opinion, and give it character, in turn taking it from fashion, to style. So if that is true is it the hot pants themselves that bother me, or the women who turn them from a simple fashion item into an deplorable trend. 
Everyone is entitled to their own style. And this can be still be categorized as one. You see it at music festivals, the East Village, and when u hop onto the L train and venture into Brooklyn. And quite frankly, unlike most things, I would be fine if this remained out there and didn't make it's way into Manhattan. But you pluck it from niche and open it up to city streets and sidewalks and everyone suffers. When I'm standing on a subway platform after a long day or weekend, the last thing I want to see is someone's ass cheeks literally hanging out, taunting me to look at them, while trying to disguise themselves as casual wear. Never has an intent for effortlessness tried so hard to be noticed. If shorts were women, these would be the really insecure ones who make up for it by constantly being the center of attention. All this is coupled with a vintage high rise of mom jeans proportions. And those are never okay, even if the hem line is at your ass. From as far as I can see, this summer will be filled with cheekiness everywhere I turn, from the local American Apparel, to my daily Starbucks. I urge president Obama to declare war on hot pants and offer justice for true style mavens everywhere. These mini shorts are on the rise, both on our legs and in society, and they need to be stopped. Luckily, this is a seasonal trend without much hope of making it into the next one. 
short shorts : A summer Trend
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