Holy Highwaters!

8 years ago


I get
the fact that cropped pants go in and out of style, but I don’t agree
with it. Here’s a little inside information I bet you didn’t know from
our friend, About.com:

Definition: Floods are cropped pants
that walk the fine line between “high waters” and “capris.” They
usually hit anywhere from right above the ankle to lower calf and are
surprisingly flattering. They look great with everything from ballet
slippers to flip flops.

Pronunciation: fluds

Listen. Floods are disasters that occur in Nebraska and cause
significant damage to our homes. I don’t like them in nature, and I
sure don’t like them in fashion. Flattering?  No way.

Highwaters (the dorkier, more socially awkward older cousin of
Floods) give me the willies. I’ve walked the fine line of an acceptable
pant length and an unacceptable one, leaning towards the latter. I’ve
done that walk of shame solely because it can be impossible to find a
nice pair of 36″ inseams that flatter the behind.

Even J.Crew recently failed me when they did not carry LONG olive
corduroys (or any longs for that matter) in their store, but only
online. Can’t a girl try on some jeans in a store and get a look at the
caboose in the tri-fold mirror? I can’t get the right butt angle online
or in my shoebox apartment.

Thank God for Limited’s selection. I no longer have to walk around my work office looking like Urkel.

I’ve done the whole denial act too. I denied the fact that people
were staring at the extra 2 inches of sock running up my leg that
should normally not be visible. You would think I would start
matching my socks due to the added attention, but I still firmly
believe that all argyles are born equal and match regardless of checker
size, texture, and color.

There’s a point to this story of mine. I know there are millions of
women out there that crave inseams longer than 32″.  What is your
secret?  Where do you shop?  And I know that our petite friends have a
challenging time finding lengths ideal for shorter legs. My 5′2″ sister
struggles just as much as me to find a solid pant length for her frame.
Share your secrets and store locations.

Help end the Highwater Hell now and forever.


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