So, I got my hair done on Saturday.  I am pretty bad about keeping up with my hair.  Pretty much all my life, it’s been long.  I remember being about 8 and wanting to get it cut.  I had these dolls, My Friend Jenny and My Friend Mandy.  They had shoulder length hair and I wanted mine to look just like theirs.  My mom brought me to get it cut, and I can remember sitting in the chair, watching bunches of my long hair fall to the floor.  I wanted to cry, and the hair dresser just kept commenting on how much hair she was cutting and was I sure I wanted to do this.  I honestly can’t remember how my hair came out.  Probably not like my dolls, since their hair was straight and mine was a frizzy mess.  I know I didn’t get it cut again for a LONG time.  I think that moment must have scarred me and is probably the reason I avoid the hair salon at all costs. 


But, on Saturday, I was out ALONE, which is a pretty rare event.  The husband was working and the kids were busy with whatever kids do.  I had some money left over from my weekly grocery account and decided what the heck.  I’m getting my hair cut!  I pushed aside a bit of guilt because I was planning on taking the kids to see a movie with the extra money.  Ok, still feeling that guilt…  Anyway, the plan was a hair cut.  Just a cut.  Since I don’t do this often, I don’t have a “go to” hairdresser.  I just walked in to the local hair salon and took my chances.  I got assigned a baby boy!  Only a year older than my oldest son.  He led me to the chair and asked me the usual “what do you want done today?”  As I looked in that giant mirror, I thought my hair was looking pretty good.  Maybe I didn’t need it cut after all.  Then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, popped dozens of gray hairs on the top of my head!!  Where did those come from????  I couldn’t bear the thought of having a nice new style if THOSE would be glaring at me every morning.  So I told baby hair dresser I wanted them covered along with my cut/style.  He then proceeded to tell me that he’d have to get his boss to help, since formulating color was not “his thing.”  Ack!  Being me, I didn’t want to hurt the poor kid’s feelings, so I said no problem!  With a little guidance from the baby and his boss, I decided to stick with my natural color (minus the gray.)  They called it “chocolate brown” which made it sound like the best color ever.  And made me just a little bit hungry.  They went to “formulate” and I sat and waited.  Coloring hair takes a long time!  I had no idea.  Once the color was all in, baby hairdresser told me it would need to sit for 20 minutes, and did I want anything to drink while I waited?  I asked for water.  Big mistake!!  On top of the gray hairs that apparently grew on my head this morning, my bladder seemed to have decided to shrink as well.  By the time my 20 minutes was up, I had to pee- BAD.  I thought “I can hold it, no problem.  How much longer can this take?”  There was some more waiting and coloring, rinsing and waiting, washing and conditioning, rinsing some more.  Who knows what, but it took an eternity.  Then there was cutting, and more cutting.  Then blow drying.  All the while, I was getting more and more uncomfortable and grumpy. Here I am, finally getting some "me time" and my bladder decides to fight me??  But, I was determined to beat my bladder at this game.  I am the boss of this body, and it was going to wait until I was good and ready.   Finally, discomfort won out and I couldn’t take it any longer.  Halfway through the blow drying, I had to suck it up and ask baby hairdresser if I could take a bathroom break.  Just a little bit mortifying.  Gray hair AND a weak bladder all in one day?  Getting old sucks. When I came back from my bathroom break I apologized and baby hairdresser told me it was ok because he wasn’t the type who could hold it in either.  Even more mortifying.  Let’s just pretend this never happened.  Anyway, in the end, my hair came out GREAT!!  I’m glad I gave baby hairdresser a chance.  I even made an appointment to come back in 6 weeks to get tortured all over again.  NO WATER next time! 

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