A Routine That Makes Me Feel Beautiful

5 years ago

At the end of the month, I start to look raggedy. It’s annoying, really. I’m working on the routine that sets my world ablaze, so that I never have to have a bad nail, brow, or hair day again! It’s amazing how making small changes to your body can make me feel invincible.

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My brows are the biggest thing. Even when my hair is a wreck, even when my nails have been chomped off, if my brows look good, I feel SO much better. Right now, it takes me weeks to build up the courage to get my brows threaded. Yep, I have tears stream down my face every time -- but I love the finished look so much! I try to maintain my brows at home by tweezing in between visits.

Brows done! Feel beautiful!

My nails are an entirely different struggle. There are times that I need to be in “nail biters anonymous”. I can go a month and have my nails grow beautifully. I’ll change the polish once a week, and get compliments galore. I’ll look down at my hands and really feel like a lady! And then there are days when my nails are disgusting. I bite them because I’m stressed, or scared, or nervous. It’s a vicious cycle, and I’m always looking for ways to make it stop. I love looking at nail bloggers and videos with creative ways to paint your nails. It's so inspiring, and I really want to do it too!

When hair, brows and nails are done, I can successfully make videos.

I have locs, also referred to as dreadlocks or dreads. Nope, I’m not a rasta and I’m not Jamaican. I’m just a girl who wanted hair that's easy to maintain, cost-effective, and gives me loads of styling options. Eight years ago, you’d see me in the salon every two weeks. I went every other Wednesday to get my hair washed, curled, and my edges tapered. But spending $100+ a month was too much for a broke college student.

A couple of years later, I was on the hunt to get the long, healthy hair that my aunts and cousins had. I would travel to New York City from Baltimore to buy the newest Dominican hair products and concoctions at various hair supply stores. But when the products weren’t giving me length, I decided to go natural. No more chemicals to damage my hair, no more hours of labor to look a certain way.

I’d rock the hair that God gave me, and wear it proud.

That was no easy feat. Wearing your hair chemical-free isn’t easy, especially when you have never done it before, but fast-forward three years: There is no more detangling, co-washing, or spending hundreds on products because the girls on YouTube said I had to have it. I put a hundred small twists in my hair, and let them loc.

What I do to my hair when it's looking really rough: braid for a day and then let loose.

It’s almost silly how much I love my hair now. Not in the arrogant stand in the mirror and stare at myself way. It’s more of the "Erin, why didn’t you do this 10 years ago?" kind of way. Now, I go to see my trusted loctician Amira every month or so. She washes and conditions my hair thoroughly, gives my locs ample TLC, and then twists them to perfection. She’s not only my hair stylist. She’s my therapist, mentor, friend, and Baltimore sports buddy. When I went through the “I think I need to quit my job and move on” phase, she was there. When I went through the “I’m not sure if I should go to grad school” phase, she was there. She’s not only the best stylist in Baltimore; she’s an awesome friend. When I walk out of the salon, I feel more glam than ever.

Overall, my nail/hair/brow process keeps me feeling outstanding. I love the finished look! What’s your beauty regimen?

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