Hair How-to: Velcro Rollers

5 years ago

When I read that Giada DeLaurentiis uses velcro rollers, I had to have them. We have a love/ hate relationship, Giada and I. She has all of the things I want in life, except for her unusually short arms. She can keep those. But come on, the bitch already has multiple shows on Food Network, I was not about to let her have better hair, too.

To even the playing field (yes, I realize I am kidding myself there), I bought myself some velcro rollers and went to town. I used them five times with absolutely no success. You see, the how-tos out there just assume that you kind of know what you are doing with these babies. Newsflash: I didn’t. So here is my idiot’s how-to guide to straight, shiny hair with volume and body.

Apply a bit of pomade to the ends and roots of your hair. Mr. Pomade is my good friend. You may recognize him from my post on curls.

Part your hair into sections using a comb. Roll up the sections and secure each with a bobby pin. Be sure to get them as close to the scalp as you can, this will create the extra oomph.

Keep rolling until your head looks like an octopus.

Here is the part that nobody ever told me to do. BLOW-DRY IT. Yes, your hair is already dry. I understand that. But the heat will make your hair actually stay how it is supposed to, just like hot rollers. I feel very stupid for not having realized I was supposed to do this until my sixth attempt.

Wait at least 20 minutes to let your hair cool and set. Then, take each roller and pin out, starting at the bottom.

Eh Voila! My hair never has much body, so yours might get a lot more oomph than mine. And for that, I will be jealous. But I bet yours doesn’t flip as easily.


Enjoy, my loves. Stay tuned for more manhunting hairstyles from your favorite divorcee.

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