Gwen Stefani & red lipstick therapy

4 years ago

I know, it sounds silly. But it works! Well, at least it does for me.

I was, and am still, in a fashion rut. I just feel lazy when it comes to getting dressed, doing the laundry, styling my hair, etc. I want to blame the winter but it started before the deep freeze settled over us.

Until very recently, we just didn’t have the money for me to go shopping whenever I felt like it and, as wonderful as it is to work for home, I work A LOT. Most of the time, I simply don’t have the energy to take a good look at my clothing inventory, be inspired, and put together a fantastic outfit.

(After the Kitchen Revamp & Organization 2014 series is done, I’m going to start a fashion & style boot camp so stay tuned!)

That being said, I still want to look good. I know, at the time, I don’t have the motivation to outfit myself the way I want but that doesn’t mean I should throw in the towel. At some point last spring, I stumbled on a trick that worked to make me feel good without much effort at all.

I was bored at home and decided to try a new red lipstick I had just bought on impulse. Having felt not too great about myself for the past little while, I was pleasantly surprised at the instant boost of confidence that resulted.

For a few days after, I kept putting on the lipstick. I felt a bit ridiculous, like a kid trying out her mom’s make-up, but I wasn’t avoiding looking in the mirror anymore so progress was being made.

After about a week, I announced to Eric that my Gwen Stefani therapy was working. He didn’t get it. (Obviously.)

I remember reading an interview with Gwen where she revealed that she wears make-up every day for her husband. While I don’t put on lipstick every day and it’s definitely not for Eric (sorry, love), this trick has worked immensely well for my self-confidence.

First of all, you have to own wearing red lipstick or else you end up looking like a little girl at her dance recital. So, you look confident, even if you’re completely faking it. Eventually, this confidence will probably become more genuine.

Second of all, people compliment you when you wear red lipstick! Not that I only wear it for the compliments (ahem), but someone else recognizing your appearance is always a nice ego boost.

Thirdly, if I wear red lipstick, I pretty much have to put on a full face of make-up or else I look blotchy and shiny. That gives me the motivation I often don’t have otherwise to complete a full make-up routine.

Lastly, it makes any outfit look good. Well, this is my opinion at least. If I’m not being very creative with my outfit that day, red lipstick can save a boring jeans-t-shirt-cardigan combo into a sassy, fun look.

So, thank you, Queen Stefani. Congratulations on Apollo and may you attempt reproduction one more time so you can grace the world with a mini-Gwen.

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