Go Away Gray With Cathy Beggan

5 years ago
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Cathy Beggan has developed over 20 all-natural products including Go Away Gray (as seen on Dr Oz) and Rise-N-Shine, a supplement that helps you “re-set” your morning clock to awake more refreshed, alert and alive. Cathy is also the founder and host of “So…You Think You Can Host?” radio show. This busy mother of three, lives in NYC. She has had many tv appearances featuring her line of products. Visit her site


Cathy’s Top 5 Health & Beauty Tips

1. To wake up more beautiful, sleep on your back – your head can weigh about 10 pounds and you won’t want to put that much weight on your face while being pressed into a pillow all night, which can cause wrinkles. Also, sleep with a satin pillowcase – by doing so, it’ll be better for your skin and your hair.

2. Sleep with your head elevated on 2 pillows – gravity will help with blood flow, which will help eliminate puffiness in the face, especially in the under eye areas.

3. Avoid “carb face” – stick to a high protein / low sugar dinner and your skin will look better in the morning.

4. By simply eating an avocado everyday, your face will appear less wrinkled and you could potentially look up to 8 years younger!

5. Avoid chocolate, red wine and coffee at night – not only do they upset the intestines but it also disturbs your sleep patterns. Instead, opt for a glass of water before bed, as an overnight’s sleep can leave you very dehydrated.

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