Give Me 5 Minutes & I’ll Cure Your Fear of the Print Dress

4 years ago
cabiria stefania dress abbeypost Give Me 5 Minutes & I’ll Cure Your Fear of the Print Dress


We all know that every woman needs a black dress, but you really only need one – two if one of them is too sparkly to be versatile. But a closet full of black dresses would get boring fast. Yet so many women – especially plus size women – are afraid of colors and prints. Some of us are afraid to draw attention to ourselves, some of us are still recovering from the neon bright colors we wore in the 80s, and some of us avoid all prints because we don’t want to dress like the Golden Girls’ couch.

These are valid concerns, especially the questionable print choices made by certain plus size designers. But that doesn’t mean that we should avoid them completely.

We just have to shop for clothes like we’re judges on Project Runway. The next time you shop for a party dress, get in touch with your inner Michael Kors or Nina Garcia. You should want the designers to succeed in knocking your socks off. If you sincerely want to find a colorful party dress that looks amazing, you won’t dismiss every print the moment you lay eyes on it. But if find something that looks like they made it out of curtains, pull out one of Nina’s signature insults, like, “Who would wear this? or, “This is not aesthetically pleasing.”

It’s incredibly satisfying to insult a dress that deserves it (as long as no one is wearing at it at the moment), and it keeps you from blaming all colorful prints for the ugliness of one print.

Which is so important because there are so many gorgeous prints you can be wearing. How about the abstract leopard print dress from Cabiria Style that’s exclusive to AbbeyPost? Yellow isn’t everyone’s color, but that is definitely not a print that could be mistaken for upholstery. Look how gorgeous our good friend Sandee, of looks in this dress!

cabiria stefania dress abbeypost

Cabiria Abstract Animal Print Dress, Exclusive to AbbeyPost! On Sale, $229

The wonderful thing about a great print is that is combines colors for you – no worrying if this yellow/black combo looks too “bumblebee,” or if this shade of blue clashes with that shade of green, like when you’re mixing separates or accessorizing. You can wear a colorful, vibrant outfit, and all the work has been done for you. It’s instant fashion.

How about this gorgeous, richly colored (and trendy!) tribal print dress? It’s subtle enough for work, and if the overall print is a bit much for you, just toss on a navy blazer or cardigan.

plus size wrap dress

Trendy Tribal Print Wrap Dress, $109


If you’re not quite ready for a print, then start with colorful solids. Wear more colors than you usually do. Try brighter shades than you’re used to.

I’ve heard women wonder what their friends and family will think if they wear a print, or a bright color. But the sad and wonderful truth is that our loved ones aren’t paying that much attention to what we’re wearing. When you walk into a party, most people will register that you either look okay (as in, you haven’t been hit by a bus in the past five minutes) or that you look nicer than that.

How about trying out this hot red number?


Red Plus Size Dress

Embellished Red Dress, $89.99


That’s it. No one is going to look at you and say, “Holy cow! You’re wearing red!” They will say, “You look great!”Which is reason enough to break out of your comfort zone and play with colors and prints.

Fashion is meant to be fun–so go ahead and give yourself permission to PLAY with print, color, and getting outside your comfort zone!


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