Five Festive, Comfortable Holiday Maternity Looks

5 years ago
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I am so excited about this post! I want to share some pregnancy style tips that I've learned during this nine month journey that is nearing its end.

With the holidays upon us, it can seem like a chore to look for something to wear to a Christmas party or New Years countdown. I have to be honest. I didn't start out my pregnancy with a wardrobe plan, I was just determined not to lose who I was before. As I've progressed, my belly has become more of an accessory, rather than a beach ball that is keeping me out of my favorite pair of jeans, so dressing my new addition and me in the best has been my mission.

I believe most women go through a phase in the beginning of pregnancy where we can barely function, many times putting on the first thing we see and commending ourselves for at least getting out of bed. Once you are past that point, it's time to get your act together.

You may attend a few parties, events and get-togethers during the holiday season. One of the major fashion objectives in pregnancy is comfort for any occasion. Comfort to some is sweats and a t-shirt, because the last thing you want to do with a burgeoning belly is be hemmed up and strapped down, feeling like you're wearing a sausage casing. It's best to come up with a formula to get you through, because being frumpy is not an option. As the saying goes, "When you look good, you feel good."

Although muumuus are probably the best feeling option, they are a fashion don't. I cannot tell you how many times I've asked my husband to hose me down during my pregnancy, because even taking a shower seemed like a huge feat, but "comfortable" and "cute" can be combined.

As you get bigger, you have to consider what looks good on your body. Pick dresses and tops without seams at the waist, or with the seam above or below your belly. Never have a seam right over your bump. It will only make you look wider than you really are. Form fitting options are good!

I have found that all of your little imperfections that would normally show, like the extra cookies you ate that showed up as a roll on your back, fade into the background as you grow, anyway. So go for it. This is one time that you don’t have to worry about wearing a support system under your dress. Also keep in mind that form-fitting past the knee is classier than above the knee.

I also want to note that although maternity clothes have come a long way, I don't think that they have fully evolved. They can be quite costly, especially if you're trying to purchase a holiday look that you won't even be able to wear next year. So save yourself some trouble by investing in key pieces, and buying other non-maternity pieces in a larger size.

Don't forget that you may have items in your closet that can still function in this time. For instance, I purchased drapey tops and sweaters prior to pregnancy that turned out to be great buys for my growing bump.

Never forget: stretch-blend fabrics can be your best friend at this time. They will grow with you, in the right size they will glide right over your less than perfect areas, and they're extremely comfortable). If all else fails, leggings, a cute top, and accessories for the occasion will never be a bad choice.

Shoes are another area that needs attention. You may experience some swelling, so keep in mind what works for the look you are going for. If you have to give up your heels temporarily, don't worry. There are many other options. Flats are usually a casual item, but there are plenty of styles out there that will work for the evening. Think about texture and finish: look for metallic or embellished flats and low or no heel boots. If you can still do heels with ease, then it's icing on the cake.

Maternity clothing must-haves checklist
  • Maternity jeans (which I still may wear after, my gosh are they comfortable)
  • Maternity leggings (I swear at the end you will live in them)
  • Maternity t-shirts
  • A good black dress that can be worn no matter the occasion.
  • These are holiday fashion tips, but you can apply them no matter the season! Who doesn't want to be a pregnancy unicorn?!

    Here are five looks that I came up with as a blueprint for a fashionable, comfortable, maternity holiday season.

    Outfit 1. Burgundy blouse with floral leggings- This is a great look for holiday dinner with family.

    Outfit 2. Tie dye red and black floor length dress- This is a great look for a formal event. I wore this with heels and switched to flats as the night went on.

    Outfit 3. Houndstooth skirt with black cowl neck shirt- This is a great look for a office holiday party.

    Outfit 4. Zebra print bodycon dress- This is a comfortable and festive look for New Years.

    Outfit 5. Gold top with maternity jeans- This is a great look for a casual holiday house party or get together.

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