First Fashion, Then Bridal, Now Home Decor? Why I Love Ruche (and you should too.)

5 years ago
I shared some fabulous feminine finds a few weeks ago from Ruche, but it appears they have added some new items to their "Home and Office" section just to tempt me (and you.)
We're all lucky that Ruche is so affordable or else the disappearance of our paychecks wouldn't be such a mystery. Here are just a few of the items I'm eying right now:
I love the colors of this Madison Tube Vase by Chive.That's right- I meant for vase to be singular. If you look very closely, all of the tubes are connected to a ceramic base so it's one piece! How cool!
You may think a book called Everything Is Going to be OK might be a funny choice, but there's an even funnier story behind it. Jason and I like to tailor our coffee table books to the guests that we'll be entertaining. We usually go the humorous route laying out books like Is it Hot in Here? Or is it me? The Complete Guide to Menopause along with others just to see if our guests notice. Yes, we literally own that book. When it's just the two of us, we have books on our table like How to Be Happy, Dammit. It feels like this one will fit in perfectly!
I love this Ivy Leaves Glass Bottle Set because it calls to mind a great memory. My mom visited me here in Asheville, and we went shopping at some downtown interior design/furniture stores. We had never really been to interior design stores together since I have expressed that I want to have a career in design. We were in one store, and she kept pointing out glass bottles and jars that were used as vases as though the concept was completely new to her. I pointed out that there are even vases shaped like beakers and chemistry test tubes and it seemed to blow her mind! I have never seen her get so excited about a subject so important to me; it was a really great moment.
I love this beautiful Lavender Lotus Tealight Holder.

They're the perfect bohemian accessory to illuminate a romantic summer evening- even if it's just on your back porch! The lotus flower is very calming and reminds me of water gardens in Bali. I think Jason could even overlook the lavender color because he loves creating spaces that he feels are "zen." He also bought a giant bag of tealight candles, and now I need a place to put them!

Teacups have a very important history to both my family and Jason's, so it's only natural that we, as a couple, are tea drinkers as well. I've been collecting teacups since I was a little girl. My dad traveled all over the world for work and would always bring me back a tea cup from the country he visited. I've accumulated an extensive collection from countries like India, Japan, and New Zealand among others. As an only child, I regularly held stereotypical formal tea parties with my stuffed animals (and water instead of tea.)

Both of Jason's parents spent some time living abroad in England and became accustomed to drinking tea. Jason may have grown up in the south, but with his parents' influence he prefers hot tea over traditional Southern sweet tea. Ironically, I grew up in the north and am addicted to sweet tea. Because of our backgrounds, we both like collecting teacups. I love this Time For Tea Assorted Dish Set because it's colorful and inviting, and each cup is a unique color.

Are you in love with Ruche's home decor? Do you have any decorative items in your house that are tied to happy memories? Leave a comment and let me know!

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