Favorite drug store products

3 years ago

Recently I have had alot of people asking me about some of the drugstore products that i use, and i figured, what better way to answer them,  than with my new blog.?! Haha AnywaysThese are products that i would and have bought again and again.!

Lets start with make up.! When im looking for foundations, coverups and powders, i look for things with full coverage, due to the fact that i have a million freckles that i completely despise. I also look for things that are not too cakey because lets be honest here, who wants to look like a walking birthday cake.? Nobodyy.  So here are some of the things that i have found to work for me. (: 



This is the Glamoflauge Concealer from Hard Candy, you can get this at your local walmart for $6.! This is my ALL TIME favorite concealer, it covers everything and i mean EVERYTHING. Now, this one is a bit thick, but if you were to mix your primer with it or even a more liquidy foundation the consistency is perfect. I mix this with the Hard Candy Sheer envy dark spot corrceting primer. Also purchasable at your local walmart for $8. 


Honestly this primer hasn't done much for me when it comes to dark spot correcting, the bottle tells you that it "diffuses the look of dark circles, age spots, freckles and uneven skin tones with color perfecting formula" I myself, have not found this to be true with this specific product. One thing it DOES do though is it makes your face somewhat silky, which makes for a more easy and even application for foundations and concealers.  

When it comes to Pressed powders, i have tried almost every drug store brand, and every single time i end up coming back to this one. It is the Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder,  You can buy at any of the local drugstores and stores like walmart or target for about $4-5. There are some positives and negatives to this one though, Postives.? Well it covers nicely, theres multipule shades to choose from, its matte, and alittle goes a long way. Negative.? If you do not mositurize enough, it can make you look really dry and ashy and they do test on animals.  


I also Love Love Love the brand NYX, their products are amazing, at a lower cost. 

One product i really have been enjoying lately from NYX is their Wonder Pencil, You can conquer 3 tasks with one pencil.!!! You could line your lips, brighten your eyes, or conceal spots. It's a wonderful product to say the least. You could buy this at target for about $5 and it comes in a few different shades to choose from. 


As i mentioned before, i pretty much love almost all of the hard candy and NYX products. One of the big reasons is not only the quality and the low costs but the fact that they do not test on animals.

I could go on all day about the make up products that i prefer so i should just stop while im ahead haha. 

On to hair, 

A little about my hair, I have about mid back length hair, it is very thick, and very curly so i use heat every day, which in time even with protectant would damage my hair...If it were not for these products, i probably would have lost alot of it. 


Mane N' Tail, This stuff is no joke a miracle in a bottle.  There is no such thing as a magic hair growth solution, but this is the closest thing i've found because it makes your hair healthy and strong so that it can grow.! Before using Mane N' Tail, my hair was D.E.A.D, gone, donee. But this has completely saved it, i would recomend this to anybody that needs to restore their hair. When i started using it last year my hair was above my shoulders, now it is mid back and i honestly have nothing else to thank but this. I have not changed my ways at all. Continiously using heat every day. You can buy each of them for $5, at just about any drug store, some of the time they'll be in the pets section and others it may be in the peoples. It just depends on the store. 


Another product that had a huge hand in saving my hair was the Aussie 2 minute miracle, I have tried the strong, the moist, and the color.  Honestly every single one of them is amazing. They all restore hair damage and soften it beyond belief. You can buy this one at just about any drug store as well, being about $5 on average. 

Last but not least for Hair care,  Pretty much the entire Organix line. Their products are amazing, i have not found one yet that does not do what it is made to do. !!


I recomend all of them.! :D hahah. They all range in price, but are very reasonable. Most are about $5-6. And i believe you can get them almost every where, i know target and walmart for sure, that's where i buy mine.! 

That's it for now.

Lot's of love &thank you guys for reading. <3 

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