Fashion Industry, You're Fired.

5 years ago

Both music and fashion reside under an aging idea that they decide what is hot and what isn't. In reality, the big guns in both industries are severely out of touch with changing social climates. Old concepts don't hold true anymore. Runways don't decide beauty in clothes any more than they do in people, and people with normal average sizes have a harder and harder time finding clothes that are flattering/fitting because they are all designed for people considerably smaller. It's time you fashion industry execs stepped out of the dark ages and stopped assuming that because it's on the runway, it's out in the world.

My mom will be the first person to tell you that I have never been someone who really went with the times as far as fashion was concerned. I borrow here and there from different fads and eras, but for the most part I set my own pace. I always have. The fashion industry has always been an opponent of mine in this world simply because it's never been able to properly represent me in size or style, but things have just gotten out of hand now. I can't find clothes at all.

I set out to buy jeans the other day. I failed miserably. In order to find jeans that fit my hips, I have to go up a size in my waist. I know sizes well enough to know that I am an 8...not a 10. Then sometimes I can get a better fit in jeans that are "longs". The trend is low cut waists, which those of us who have given birth find ourselves hiking up all day because they don't adhere to the shape of wider "breeding" hips. They sit uncomfortably. Awkwardly. With all that hiking up, I find myself with flood pants now. I buy longs, and I still have to cuff the bottoms. I spend enough money on jeans not to need a tailor every time. This is not a power suit. It's a pair of jeans! But, I have carried a child. I have give birth. My body is of the curvy variety. I am not obese. I am not even overweight. I do jumping jacks every day. Yoga on the weekend. Why can't I find pants that fit?!

The same holds true for buying dresses and tops. The styles themselves seem geared toward small, thin women. The tops sit awkwardly on my size D breasts, criss-crossing fabric laying unflatteringly bunched up across my chest. Lower cut tops showing my bra in awkward places, and my bra is low cut itself! They are clearly designed for Kate Moss or Tori Spelling (you know, when she is not pregnant) I am not either of those things. Certain shirts with fitted half sleeves I can't even buy because they don't fit onto my arms. If I manage to get them on, I feel like the circulation is being cut to my hands. I AM NOT OBESE! Why don't normal clothes fit me?! It has gotten to a point that I hate clothes shopping. I hate trying on clothes.

Open up your favorite hip fashion magazines, and you will get your first clue as to what the problem is. An entire industry of people who think that the average American consumer is a size 4. In reality, the average American consumer is a size 14. Now, I know some 14's that are some of the most gorgeous women I know. They carry themselves with a confidence that makes men weak, while dressing to every flattering point they have (most notably, a gorgeous face, great boobs, and smooth round hips). They will be the first to tell you is impossible. Expensive clothes on top of tailors and dressmakers. It's unnecessary when there is a billion dollar industry sucking the life out of the American woman claiming it understands us...and that it knows beauty.

Fashion industry, you are grossly, obscenely out of touch.

I don't want to see any more Cosmo, Elle, Vogue covers claiming to understand women...what makes them feel good about themselves in clothing and what doesn't. You have no idea. Do you know how I know? I am an American woman who is actually BELOW average in size, and I can't find clothes that fit and flatter my body. The industry is made up of dinosaurs who still think they decide what's hot and what's not. Kate Moss is over and probably caused more anorexia than anyone since Twiggy...and Twiggy was a size SIX!!! Jersey Shore was never fashion. Real Housewives don't represent America. STOP WATCHING TV for your inspiration, and actually go out into the world to see what we wear. Ask us what makes us comfortable. I don't want to hear about your focus groups either...they are a waste of your time and money and quite obviously don't accurately represent anything.

In a recent, simply out of curiosity, online poll I took very casually via Facebook, and 70% of the guys responded that they would rather have a curvy woman than a skinny one. I won't go into detail about comments regarding sex with skinny girls being like sex with a bag of hangers (thank you Rob) but classic pin-up girls are still a favorite. Classic pin-up. Not skinny girls who borrow pin-up fashion and try to pass themselves off as the same thing. You're not, ladies. Pin-up was an art form that can be traced back as far as the end of the 19th century, but was it's most popular in the 1940's and 1950's when the average size of the America woman was a 12. Women were busty with full hips and thighs. In reality in America, that is still the norm! You would never know it from TV. You won't see full figured women on VH-1 reality shows. They are not on sitcoms. They are not the stars of big Hollywood movies. They are everywhere...but where you want us to look, fashion people.

In the last two decades, there have been spikes in eating disorders. So many women think, thanks to your silly, unrepresentative industry, that this is what they are supposed to look like...lanky, thin, with tousled hair, and a bored look on their face. In reality, women in America are full off life and spirit! They have places to go, people to meet, things to do...and they want to look good doing it! You have an ENTIRE INDUSTRY that is supposed to be helping them to do this, and yet we have no idea what it is you are doing with your time and research, because nothing fits! Nothing flatters! There is no reason as a size 8 that I should be relying on Lane Bryant to help me find wants to better flatter or take the attention from breasts and hips for different occasions, but that is what I find myself looking at for ideas.

Fashion Folks, your ship is taking on water as we speak, and you don't even realize it. When actresses who are clearly NOT start having their agents and representatives referring to them as "curvy", you better realize that the shift is happening. It's slow, but it's happening. People are tired of hiking up super low waists. They are tired of ill-fitting dresses made for tiny people. They are tired of taking everything they buy to the tailor before it's even been warn outside the dressing room. You have no idea of the income potential of you would just get your overdone heads out of your overdone tushes and realize that there is a new sheriff in town.

And she is a size 12.

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