An extreme way to remove freckles and sun spots - and it doesn't even last.

3 years ago


These are the before and after pictures of intense pulsed light treatment.  I know it works because I have tried it, and fortunately for me, the results are even better than the model in the pictures.

It costs about $300 for each treatment.  The staff at the spa will tell you that it takes 4 sessions to see results and 2 sessions to maintain.  For me,  the freckles and sun spots were gone after one treatment, and after the second, I was as white as Snow White, and  was the fairest of all.  (Beauty standards were different in the old days in Europe and North America, whereas  having fair skin was considered beautiful, and such beauty standard never changed in Asia.  Women undergo whatever pain and pay whatever price to achieve white skin.) 

Well, the result is not permanent.  The skin becomes thinner, and therefore more prone to sun damage than before the treatment(s).  So even though I wear lots of sunscreen and a large sun hat every time I go outside, I still got sun spots. 

I am wondering if I should have another treatment to get rid of the sun spots after this summer.  If I do,  I will look great for the fall and winter, but certainly need another dose of treatment again next year.  




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