Em Cosmetics by Michelle Phan

4 years ago

After much "anticipation" Michelle Phan has launched her very own make up line backed up by L'Oreal. About 2-3 years ago she had partnered with Lancome to create a "unique" eye palette that seemed to sell fairly well.

For those of you not familiar with her, she's a beauty guru on YT, probably one of the most popular.

When Em came out I really wanted to like it but I found myself pretty cold to the concept and the products, let me explain.

Michelle's viewer are very diverse but mostly comprised of young, school age kids who might not be able to afford over priced products. I was really hoping for a better range of products and prices, instead, I found uninspiring products, so so packaging and hyped up prices.

The products are made by L'Oreal and marketed as cruelty free but the brand isn't mantioned on leapingbunny.org as such, which leads me to believe that it might not acutally be so; also, Michelle was always an advocate for healthier make up and her line primary ingredient is talc, meaning that her products have a high concentration of it in (rule of thumb is that the first 3-5 ingredients in a product make the biggets percentage of it).

This might be greek to some of you but you might want to google the effects of talc in your make up.

The design itself left me wondering, her biggest item, The Lifestyle Palette is marketed as a refillable floating palette but the site doesn't offer refills, the eyeshadows come in two different pan size, the blushes are featured in the middle and much to my "dismay" the lip products are right along side the powders without any protective gear.

Why do I have it out fot the Lifestyle Palette? Because it's supposed to be refillable and clean. Mixing cream and powder products usually ends up into a hot mess because the eyeshadows and blushes will flake and compromise the lip creams, making them unusable. This item sells for $75.00, the lipsticks sell for 16.50, the blush duo is $ 28.00 and so on.

I'm sorry, but for the packaging and quality of these products the prices are unreasonable, I was expecting something more affordable and better designed. If you are marketing an item as refillable you should have refills available. Also if you are a make up artist you should know that mixing cream and powders in a palette is a poor idea, if you want to offer the two products combined you should at least provide some sort of protection for the cream products like a separate compartments or lid.

As of right now if I am to spend $75.00 on an item I want a better brand, not something that just came out and it's riding on popularity's coat tails. Lets be honest, if Michelle weren't a well known YouTuber her products wouldn't be sky high.

I wish her the best in this venture but as it is right now the line is sadly lacking variety, quality and the reason for being labeled as a high end brand.

One YouTuber's make up I have enjjoyed and I think it's very good and well priced is Marlena's Make up Geek line but that will be for another blog.

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