Donna Karan Thinks Politicans Should Wear Hot Pants

6 years ago

Whenever fashion and politics collide, it's always fascinating. This week, Donna Karan released photos from the A/W 2011 collection. There's even a video of a "politician" looking glamorous around marble halls in New York.

DKNYPRGIRL explains:

It doesn't take an ad campaign to make a woman feel powerful but oftentimes how we dress plays and important role in how we feel. For fall 2011, Donna is once again inspired by a woman empowered. She's powerful because she makes a difference. She's powerful because she can be anything - a Senator, a Presidential candidate, a Mother.

For the most part, the clothes are beautiful and elegant. DKNY is a good line to wear if you can afford it in DC. However, these two stills raise serious questions if any of the design team has spent time on The Hill or stepped a foot into the Beltway.

Those are hot pants! I did a double-take when I saw the photos. Women from either party have a hard enough time being taken seriously. I realize this is fashion, but why even remotely suggest that a high-profile woman wear something like that? For the record, I'm fairly certain that Americans would agree that we don't want our elected officials -- of any gender or party -- to wear hot pants. No matter how good of shape you're in, if you wear hotpants, I'm not voting for you. I'm firmly anti-hot pants. The other photo is more of a nuanced complaint, but one that is reasonable.

That suit has fur cuffs. While I personally have no issue with fur, a lot of people do. If you showed up on Capitol Hill wearing fur cuffs on your suit, you'd get a bucket of red paint thrown on you, and you'd make the news that night. Donna Karan's collection is beautiful (and take a moment to check it out), but if they really want to influence the way that women dress and view power, they should realize that clothes can't be the focus. While selling clothes is their business, it's a massive faux pas for the clothes to become the focus of a politican, especially female ones. The focus on a politician needs to be his or her words and actions, not what he or she is wearing. Clothes should enhance rather than stand out. Image: Chicology

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