Does Holiday Music Put You In The Spirit Of Gift Giving?

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Thanksgiving is over, the Christmas Tree is up in Rockefeller Center and holiday music can be heard from every store you are in or radio station you may be listening to. With all of of these things up and running, has it put you in the mood of planning what gifts to buy your loved ones for the holidays?

For me, this season has always been very stressful, trying to find the right gift for members of our family and by the time Chanukah and Christmas are here, I'm fed up with the long lines and lack of inventory that I can't wait for the holiday season to be over. I will confess that it is partially my fault for waiting two weeks before the holidays to find out what my nephews and nieces may want for the holidays and then shop for those items.

I remember when I was growing up how excited I would get as soon as I heard any holiday songs on the radio. For me, it was a preview of what was to come, a gathering of families from both sides. I've always been grateful to be able to celebrate Chanukah and Christmas because of the importance of each holiday to my family, but finding presents for both has been challenging. When my daughter was younger, we would give her a little present each day for the first seven days of Chanukah and a big present on the eighth day. Since we only celebrate on Christmas Eve, she would only receive one present at my sister's home. Over the years, the number of presents has decreased to a single present for each holiday, due in part to economics and because of the amount of presents we have to get for our growing families.

What we have done in the recent past is do a Secret Santa gift exchange for the adults on my side and a Secret Maccabee gift exchange for kids from my husband's side. This system has worked well for us since we only have to buy gifts for one adult and one child as well as our own.
This year, we are using the same system and hopefully, the hunt for the right gifts won't be as stressful as it has been. As for holiday music inspiring me to be in a gift-giving spirit, it's just about there. Now I just have to find the right presents. That's my take on this, what's yours?