Depressed Rant, don't take me seriously

7 years ago

You know these days I have such a busy schedule that I am literally running from class to class, spending sleepless nights trying to finish homeworks due the next day, spending weekends at the library, I mean I suddently have realised that I have no life! I have absolutely no "me" time, no time to mull over all those political upheavals I was planning, no time for all those soaps I need to watch and most importantly no time for make-up! I don't know how it was for  all of you when you were at school, but the more I see of all the girls in other departments with lighter workloads and how they take care of themselves, looking perfect, I can't help but feel a little disappointed with my self.

I know that I'm working towards securing a good career and these are some sacrifices that I would have to make, but in school these things are so hard to ignore. My mom is always telling me to take better care of myself and I promise her everytime that I will, but poor time management and a hell of a lot of workload is making that almost impossible. I cook at home only about twice a week and try to gain as much mileage out of that as possible. My roomie is in a similar mess, and well the house in a much bigger mess!!!'

I've however managed to get the bills payed on time, thanks to the internet, but the rent, well I payed that on the very last minute of the very last day, and only just managed to avoid the 30$ fine. I hope I learn to manage myself better, I mean its not easy, but there are so many girls doing it, and they manage to look good while at it, I know I'm just missing a little something, and I really hope that I can find that chink in my armor quickly and correct it. Well let me get back to Assignment 1 of 3!!!

Love, Chicktech

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