Cool Tools for Updos!

5 years ago

Summer is basically upon us, and for a lot of us ladies that means we will be rockin' ponytails for the majority of the next three months or so. Personally, I like to wear my hair down most of the time and I usually curl the ends with a curling iron. My hair is crazy thick, so this looks usually tends to have a decent amount of volume and I like it a bunch.

But when the temps start to soar to about 80 degrees and higher, and then the humidity kicks in, that pretty hairdo sticks to my sweaty neck like glue and is certainly no longer a pretty sight. And really, my hair doesn't hold any amount of gosh darn curl in that weather. It doesn't frizz, but stays super straight and greasy-lookin'. Time for ponytails and messy buns. Practical, but not always a great look. Especially if you have any dressy summertime events. There is something about a fancy outfit or dress combined with a gym-worthy ponytail that just doesn't look right to me. What's a girl to do? (and yes, I do know this post is ridiculously frivolous and superficial. Even more so than my usual posts, bear with me it's Friday!).

Well I made an amazing(too much?) discovery at Walgreens a few days ago. Two discoveries in fact. I was perusing the hair aisle when I discovered this little gem:

Doesn't look like much, I know, but I think it is kind of fantastic. This little tool can be used to do a quick twist instead of a using butterfly clip and it holds much better. Just gather your hair as if you were putting it in a low ponytail, insert the comb with the teeth pointing downward, twist your hair upward and secure it by pulling the ponytail holder over the twist and attach it on the opposite end of the comb. And voila!

I took that picture after the first time I used it and it was after a workout, so it is a bit messy, but I kid you not when I tell you this thing is friggin' genius! I have used it for the beach, going out and I wore it for work yesterday. Lasted all day every time. Unfortunately I threw out the packaging for it and I don't recall the name, but hopefully that first picture gives you a good idea should you decide to go looking for it.

And then there's the look my locks are sportin' today: the "perfect" bun! Y'all are probably familiar with the sock bun that has gotten super popular in the blog world. This is basically it, but I opted for the store-bought Perfect Bun version by Conair.

Just put your hair in a ponytail, put the mesh-thingy around the ponytail, separate said ponytail, spread your hair over mesh-thingy and secure with bobby pins. Finished product is super-cute!

Maybe not perfect, but still works. Takes a little more time than the twist thing, but without a doubt a fun and fashionable look if I do say so myself.

Yay for cute and easy options for updos! And YAY for Friday and a three day summer-ish weekend just around the corner! Let's get this work thing done and get me to my deck with a good book and a Miller Lite! Have a fabulous weekend!!!

-Miss Mare

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