Change Your Eyebrows - Change Your Life

7 years ago

Ok so the above title is a bit of an exaggeration, but I still think it is totally legitimate to say:  change your eyebrows – change your face!   A well-groomed and shaped eyebrow makes a tremendous difference in one’s appearance and is a beauty essential that, in my opinion, no women should overlook. 

I am not sure why some women resist getting their eyebrows done.  I think some people might feel that it is a vain indulgence to pluck or wax their eyebrows.  Others might see it as a waste of time and money.  Or perhaps still others see doing their eyebrows as time-consuming and perhaps even impossible to keep up at home.  Once again, in my opinion, I think nothing could be further from the truth.  Yes, having well-groomed eyebrows may mean that you have to tweeze a few stray hairs once a day, but overall having well-maintained eyebrows improves your appearance tremendously so I think it is worth the time and effort.


Should You Always Go to a Professional?


Though one of things that I do as a esthetician is shape, wax, and tweeze people’s eyebrows I actually don’t think that you always need a professional’s help to groom your eyebrows.  If you’ve never had your eyebrows shaped or its been a long time since you did I do think it is worth it to go to an esthetician to have them shape your brows.  Then you can maintain the shape at home on your own.

Important Tip: If you do go to a professional to get your brows done – Speak up!  I actually had a client the other day for an eyebrow wax who immediately told me exactly how she wanted her brows to look, and I really appreciated her input.  I actually always ask my clients to tell me exactly how they want their brows to look, and then I stop at least once or twice while I am doing their brows to show them how they look so we can consult.  I do this because, frankly, everyone has a completely different idea of how their brows should look and what constitutes a beautiful eyebrow.  Just because I think someone’s brows should look a certain way doesn’t mean that my client wants their brows to look that way.  In addition, people take the shape of their brows very, very seriously and can cry over what they perceive to a badly shaped brow.  Beauty is so individual so be sure to try to articulate what you want in an eyebrow shape.  Personally I like natural, thicker looking brows on almost everyone so I am inclined to follow the natural shape of a client’s brows   when I am shaping them.  But not everyone wants that so that is yet another reason to speak up before your esthetician starts shaping your brows.  I would even suggest bringing in photos of models from magazines or photos of celebrities if you see a brow shape that you really like.  Eyebrow styles come and go.  At the moment a thicker eyebrow is in style but that hasn’t always been the case.  See the photos below as an example:

(By the way is anyone else in love with the Drew Barrymore Cover Girl ads as much as I am?  In my opinion whoever is doing the make-up for the ads is hitting a home run every time)

Some professional are really amazing at doing brows and have based their entire careers around it – Anastasia for example.   And some women prefer to only let a professional touch their brows since they understand what a positive impact their brows have on their appearance.  That is entirely up to you.  But if you want to try shaping and maintaining your brows at home read below for tips and resources.


Going It Alone: How To Do Your Brows At Home


If you want to attempt to shape or just maintain your brows at home there are plenty of resources out there to help you.

When you are doing your brows at home have on hand the following tools:

  • A small scissors
  • A disposable mascara brush
  • a white eyeliner pencil – buy the cheapest one you can find
  • a tweezer

Make sure you are in a location at home that has good lighting so you don’t need to squint too much to see your brows.  Don’t do your brows with a magnifying beauty mirror!  The chances you’ll over pluck greatly increase if you are front of a magnifying mirror.  Be sure to stop, step back, and check your progress throughout the process.  And take your time – though eyebrow hair grows back eventually this isn’t a process you want to rush.

Everyone who wants to teach you how to shape your brows on your own is going to show you the three points that you need to look for in order to create the right shape for your brows.  See the illustrations below:



Use your white eyeliner pencil to create the shape that you want for your eyebrow.  Pluck only the hairs that fall outside the white line or on the white line.  Like I already mentioned keep stepping back away from the mirror to check your appearance.

You don’t necessarily need to follow your natural eyebrow shape if you don’t want to.

I always think of Fergie from the Black Eyed Peas as someone with very stylized looking eyebrows (and yes, I do spend an awful lot of time obsessing about people’s eyebrows).  If you want to go that route by all means go for it:


If you aren’t sure how to proceed on your own watch a video about how to do your brows.  Personally I always seem to learn better from watching someone do something than just reading about it.  Here are two resources:

One note – Though I thought both of these video tutorials were good I think both of them miss a step.  You can begin doing your brows by trimming your eyebrow hair if necessary.  For example, for those of us for curly eyebrow hair trimming our hair ever so slightly is a must.  Use your disposable mascara brush to brush your eyebrow hair up on an angle.  Take your small scissors and very carefully trim the long, curly hairs.  Then brush your eyebrow hair down and see if there if there are any hairs to be trimmed.

Another resource for how to do your brows with step by step written instructions is   

If you are still stumped about the shape of your brows use stencils.  You can buy them at Sally Beauty or


Filling in Your Brows


Personally I have too much hair everywhere on my body except for my eyebrows.  Go figure.  So I fill in my eyebrows every morning with eyebrow powder.  I use Bare Minerals though there are many, many more eyebrow powders  and products out there to choose from.  If you are going to use a powder I suggest applying it with a very small, angled eyeliner brush.  I use a brush I have from a kit of travel size, mini brushes.  You could use an eyebrow pencil to fill in your brows as well.  If you have unruly brows use a tinted or clear gel to set your brows.  I personally like this brow gel from e.l.f. because it only costs a $1.


One last note – if your brows don’t turn out exactly how you want them to look don’t panic – they will grow back and then you can try again


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