Facewash Smackdown: Can the Drugstore Brands Top the Clarisonic?

4 years ago

I'm just going to come right out and say that I have been lusting after the Clarisonic Skin Care Brush for, uh, over a year now? Maybe more? I never buy it, because the cost is somewhat prohibitive, and while I feel it would be life-changing (face-changing?), I also feel it is important to continue feeding my children regularly, and ensure that we enjoy things such as electricity and heat.

I will admit, however, that I am a bit of a sucker for (cheap and) New! Fun! Gimmicky! products, and so when I saw that L'Oreal and Garnier had BOTH released (almost identically-priced) face washes with (manual) scrubby brushes included, I was all over that. "A throwdown!" I thought gleefully, because such things make me unspeakably happy, and--NO, YOU SHUT UP.

So, I bought both, and, refraining from sewing tiny satin boxer shorts for them and putting them in an itty bitty ring, I gave each of them a try for three days. Both claim to reduce the appearance of pores, and smooth skin. Let's see what happened:

In this corner, we have L'Oreal's Go 360 Clean facial cleanser (about $6), which comes with a "scrublet" that pops out of the bottle's base:



And in this corner, we have Garnier's Nutritioniste Skin Renew The Brusher Gel Cleanser ($6):


I thought the scent of the L'Oreal face wash that I tried was amazing (there are a variety for assorted skin types; I chose the deep cleansing one), and the scrublet (I love that name!) was effective, as it had a ton of tiny, soft...bristles (I'm calling them "bristles," even though L'Oreal insists upon calling them "touch points"). The gel formula foamed up pretty quickly, too. My face felt clean, but not overdried.

On to Garnier: While the soft bristles on the Garnier scrubber are significantly larger, I didn't notice any difference in the results here. The fresh-scented gel formula lathered almost instantly, and this one also left my face feeling smooth and clean. Furthermore, I offer mad props to Garnier for the ergonomically designed bottle AND the fact that the scrubby thing (scientific term!) is attached to the top of the bottle. I mean, I lose shoes. Books. LARGE UMBRELLAS. Am I to be expected to hold on to a wee pop-out scrub brush? Really?

The verdict: Had I not also tried the Garnier face wash, I'd be recommending the L'Oreal one in a heartbeat. It IS very good, and the gel formulas (and prices!) of each are quite similar. However, the convenience of the design on the Garnier cleanser, to me, edges out L'Oreal here.

Have you tried either of these face scrubs? Or do you own a Clarisonic? And do you love it?

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