Brassy Hair?

3 years ago


I first wrote this post in October of 2013. I recently did this treatment on my hair and thought it might be a good time to revisit it.

Get the Red Out

I love getting my hair highlighted!  The blonder the better but I have noticed lately my hair getting brassy and red tones in it about two weeks after Alicia (My awesometastic stylist) worked so hard blonding it up for me.
It drives me (and Alicia) crazy!  I know that build-up from using products with silicones in them can add to this problem.  The minerals in water will do this as well.  So it's like running in circles......use products to get rid of red and brass.  Rinse hair with water that is part of the problem....Ugh! 


Being the product whore that I am, I have all the right things that should help get the red out.  Hair clarifying shampoos like Malibu Un Do Goo Shampoo.  Keratin Complex Blondeshell Purple shampoo and conditioner.  I even tried homemade recipes such as a vinegar rinse.  We also purchased a new water softener and put a filter on our shower head to help with this problem.  They did okay but I want the blonde brilliance I leave the salon with.  I really believe the culprit is our very old but still functioning water heater.  *Shakes fist at water heater*  It's 10 years old and I think it is probably filled with rust.  Hence the red in my hair.  So until we can afford to shell out $500 for a new one (or win the lottery) I continue my never ending search to keep my blonde tresses blonde.

The other day I did a new treatment on myself and I think I may have found the answer!  It's the Malibu C Crystal Gel treatment.  If you have the correct supplies you can do this treatment at home.  
You will need: 

Packet of Malibu C Crystal Gel

Malibu Un Do Goo Shampoo

Plastic Applicator Bottle

Plastic Treatment Cap


Hooded Dryer

Malibu Miracle Repair Conditioner


First mix two ounces of warm water and the Malibu Crystal C Gel in the applicator bottle.  Shake it well then set it aside.  It will form into a gel while you shampoo your hair with the Un Do Goo.  Towel dry your hair.  Next in small sections apply the gel from roots to ends and massage in.  Combing through as you go.  Place your hair in a plastic cap and sit under the dryer anywhere from 10-45 minutes.  Just depends on how much build-up is on your hair.
I purchased this hair dryer online about 12 years ago for $40 and have gotten my moneys worth out of it.  If you don't have a hair dryer like this I think it's worth having your stylist preform this treatment to get the best results for your hair.
The heat from the dryer is really important with this treatment.  It help penetrate the product into your hair and get the gunk out of it.  

Once your time is up under the dryer, wash your hair once more and apply Malibu Miracle Repair Conditioner.  Put your plastic cap back on under and sit under the dryer for 10 minutes then rinse and style as usual.

Yup, it's a lot of work but it has really made a difference in keeping my hair blonde and getting the red out and until we get a new water heater(or win the lottery!) I will be doing this treatment once a week.  It really makes your hair feel and look fabulous!

Now if I could only recreate how fabulous Alicia gets my hair to looking when she does a blow out!!

What are some ways you uses to keep your blonde hair looking like you just left the salon?

Until next time.  Have a beautiful skin day and hair day!!
                   Your Esthetic Goddess,  Susie
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