Body After Baby (what no one tells you) Hair Edition.

6 years ago

My body is astronomically different than it was before I had James. Okay, maybe that's a tad over exaggerated. My body is not as good as it was before I had James. It's a warzone. A battlefield. A baby changes everything from your hair (or lack thereof) to the mound of dough that sits in your lap that once was your flat stomach.

I thought I'd write a few seperate posts on the changes my body  has endured and I hope I can be pretty honest about it.

I will start at the top and work my way down.

Body After Baby: Hair

this is me if I were a cat post partum


You know, my hair actually didn't look so bad while I was pregnant. I think it became thicker and shinier due to all those goodies in the pre-natal vitamins (that I should still be taking more than twice a week). The greatness that was my hair seemed to last for about 12 weeks post partum and then IT STARTED FALLING OUT. I am not kidding, giant fistfuls came out in the shower. Tumbleweeds of hair blew lazily across the kitchen floor. Drains became clogged. Oh it was gross. Nothing is worse than so much hair coming out when you wash it that it ends up sliding down your back into your buttcrack.  I am six months post partum (almost) and the hair loss has slowed down a little bit, but for awhile there I could not wear my hair down because I had lost so much that I had big gaps that exposed my scalp. That's why my hair is pulled back in all my pictures. Also because a certain little boy like to pull it out as well. And it's so much drier now. Please see this post on how to not condition your dry hair. At any rate, I have thin hair to begin with and now I am considering a trip to the wig store. Not really, but hopefully my hair will fill back out again and I can not look like the hair of a sixty year old woman trying to pull off a long style. 


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