BlogHer Editors Shop for Gifts (Well, Kind of Mostly for Ourselves)

5 years ago

You know how sometimes you're shopping for holiday gifts and something for you, well, it just sneaks its way into your cart, even though you didn't intend to buy that thing, totally, like, at all? Yeah, we do, too. So let's drop the pretense: Here's the BlogHer Gift Guide to Stuff We Want to Buy for Ourselves, with products from our video partner Joyus.

Chic Makeup Bags

I like the idea of these organizing makeup bags. I like to take a lot of products with me when I travel, and I hate the idea of liquids leaking in my toiletry case, or different tubes and bottles all rattling around together. And I'd kind of want to show them off at the airport security checkpoints.

Buy organizing makeup bags for $75.

Grace Hwang Lynch, News & Politics Editor


Little Modern Dress

As someone who prefers dresses to most anything else, I need to update my Little Black Dress. I bought my last one in 2010 and need something new and trendy. The versatility of this dress would make it a hit in my wardrobe!

Buy the little modern dress for $188.

Jenna Hatfield, Family & Conferences Editor


Senna Correct & Conceal

I love makeup and have to work hard not to splurge too much on little pick-me-ups. But when it comes to concealer, it's not frivolity or vanity -- it's necessity. Did you know that dark circles are most often not from lack of sleep? Prepare yourself for weird knowledge: It's because as we, um, "age," the fat layer under our skin dissolves, revealing the blue blood vessels underneath. No cream will ever fix them. And that is why concealers are my addiction, and I can't wait to try Senna's Correct & Conceal. There are three shades to blend, so that ALL the face's many indignities -- red spots, dark circles -- can be addressed with the colors they need. Best face forward!

Buy Senna's Correct & Conceal for $38.

Stacy Morrison, Editor in Chief


Sassybax Booty Boosting Black Leggings

Leggings that make your butt look better than usual? Yes, please! This might be the gift I have to give myself this year.

Buy Sassybax Black Leggings for $69-76.

Rita Arens, Senior Editor


Groove Elliptical Brush

I'll take the Groove brush for myself because my hair is suffering from neglect; I've been taking it for granted and it is starting to rebel by looking blah. My auburn strands deserve more concentrated attention this season, and better tools would inspire me to spend the time.

Buy the Groove elliptical brush for $49.

Heather Clisby, Life & Green Editor

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Vapour 3-in-1 Makeup

I am not a morning person. That may be an understatement. I am seriously, painfully, intransigently, sometimes verging on violently not a morning person. So I've already nabbed this all-in-one, all-natural stick that colors eyes, lips, and cheeks. (You know what simpler makeup means? One more hit of the snooze button.) I love the Courtesan color -- it makes me look refreshed and well-rested even as I mumble and grump over my mobile phone and a gallon of coffee on the morning train.

Buy Vapour 3-in-1 makeup for $28.

Julie Ross Godar, Executive Editor

What do you want to buy for yourself this holiday season?

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