Biore Acne Clearing Scrub Review

4 years ago

According to the Biore company, this cleanser is “complexion clearing and targets deep down dirt and oil that can cause blemishes without damaging skin’s moisture barrier."

From their website: (URL Below)

This mandarin mint scented scrub with skin-purifying technology not only treats blemishes, over time it prevents new ones from forming by clearing away impurities. The result is clearer, healthier skin – fast. And its gentle enough to use every day.

-This formula, with an active blemish-fighting ingredient salicylic acid, helps clear blemishes and prevents new ones from forming.
-Leverages Skin Purifying Technology, an exclusive formula that cleans without depleting skin’s natural moisture so it’s gentle enough for everyday use.…

The Product:

Biore just changed their whole line to a new packaging and apparently added a few new products. I absolutely love all of the products from this brand, so I was beyond excited to try this face wash! I do have occasional breakouts, and this wash is supposed to help with just that.

This product is not greasy whatsoever, and though I expected it to be extremely harsh because of the description, it's not that either. The Biore Acne Clearing Scrub is gentle, refreshing, and clearing!

My Skin Type:
I have rather oily, sensitive skin. It has taken me many years to understand what I can and can’t put on my face without it breaking out. I occasionally breakout from stress, but other than that, my skin is pretty clear with the right skincare routine.

Why I Use This Product:

I’ve been using this cleanser for almost two months. I went out of town, forgot my cleanser, and saw this one so I picked it up to try it out. I have fallen in love. It definitely works wonders on my breakouts. I don’t want to use it every day, because I’m afraid my skin will get used to it and it won’t work as well. BUT I DO love it.

How I use it:

Like I said, I am always wearing a face full of makeup. In my “Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub Review”, I explained that I usually wash my face with a gentle cleanser and then go in with the pore unclogging scrub to get really deep in my pores. On days that I have serious breakouts, this new product is definitely the cleanser for me! I use it for as long as it takes my face to clear and then one day past. I simply cleanse with both washes and then scrub the acne wash into my face. WORKS LIKE A DREAM. And just like the website says, it only takes two days to notice a difference in how healthy my skin is.

I do love this scrub, and definitely recommend it to anyone with acne-prone skin!

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