Beauty Inspiration: On Going Natural for Black women

7 years ago

Beauty Inspiration-On "Going Natural" for Black Women

In today's beauty world we're coming upon an uprising of women who demand the right to be natural. While many African-American women continue to utlilize relaxers to maintain the straight look, many are making the choice to discontinue the use of chemical straighteners and follow a new regimen of natural hair care.

For many of the women who are just starting out on the journey towards natural hair care there is limited information available to learn about this transition. Many beauticians specialize in working with relaxed hair and encourage their clients to continue "perming" their hair in order to maintain profits from the sales of relaxer services and to avoid expanding services to those with unrelaxed hair.

My personal journey started with changing beauticians. My beautician at the time refused to make an appointment with me unless I decided to allow her to relax my hair. At this point in my development I was determined to see my natural hair texture again, so I ended the relationship to find a beautician who could work with what GOD gave me and help me to grow out my natural hair again to become chemical free.

Through my journey towards natural hair care I went through many set-backs. Because I had lived my entire life with permanently straightened hair, my natural hair texture baffled me for many months. I had to re-learn everything I knew about my hair from how to style it, how much conditioning it needed, how often to wash it, and what products to use. Not to mention, during the first 2 years of the transition I had two hair textures. The top half was thick and curly and the ends were straight, so I had to treat both sections differently. Stressful huh? Tell me about it!

Thanks to a great deal of support from my best friend and my husband I was encouraged to continue my natural hair journey, but many women are without a network of friends or family to encourage them. is a website dedicated to supporting African American women on their natural hair journey. It's a place where women can ask for help, share insights and encourage each other to continue on their journey towards natural hair care. I've joined it and enjoy the comradarie of sharing my journey with other women and contributing to the knowledge base of others who are just starting on the path.

I encourage African-American women to learn to wear their own natural hair. You will enjoy the benefits of having healthier, stronger hair and the variety of styles that you open yourself up to. If you are planning to make the leap to "go natural" start seeking out your support group now. You will need them along the way to help you stay motivated as you find your GOD given look!
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