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5 years ago

If I opened up my linen closet and calculated how much I’ve spent on face washes, moisturizers, and acne treatment products, I would probably cry. I’ve tried every brand from Murad to Clean and Clear to Neutrogena. On top of that, I have multiple foundations, concealers, correctors, and powders to minimize my acne that my products refuse to clear. And it got me thinking: Why do I cover up my beauty problems instead of trying to fix them?

The truth is that I am finally ready to face one of my beauty issues instead of covering them up.

Last week I had enough, and I finally I went to my dermatologist and talked to her about my acne among other issues I’ll cover in a future post. She prescribed the generic for Retin-A. I don’t know if it’s going to work, but I’ve tried just about everything else.

Why is it that many are more willing to purchase HD foundation that costs $40 and yet fear spending the same amount on going to see a dermatologist? (OK, there are insurance arguments here, but let’s suspend that for a moment.) In Lucky Magazine this month, I read an article in which the writer said her family members absolutely refuse to go to the dermatologist. I don’t doubt that a stigma exists, but when it comes to taking care of the largest organ of one’s body, why would you think twice?

I think part of this issue of covering up problems can be blamed on marketing that advertises the newest Biore face wash or Covergirl foundation. Let me ask: Have you ever seen a Retin-A commercial? How about one for Accutane-like products? The answer is no. Why? My guess is because it doesn’t sell. Americans spend $8 billion annual on cosmetics, so I think it’s safe to say marketers have a hold on consumers. In the eyes of cosmetics companies, why sell us one thing that can fix an issue when they can  instead sell 10 products to cover it up?

After all, if you have a real fix for acne then there isn’t a need for all the products that mask it, now is there?

What are your beauty issues that you’ve been afraid to face? Have you ever been to a dermatologist? And if you’ve tried Retin-A, did it work for you? Share by commenting!



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