Another One Bites The Dust

3 years ago
Recently I found out that one of my favoritesmall business owners who sold natural hair care products has closed their doors...I'm sad to announce that Nyenzo in Raleigh, NC has closed their doors. *teary eyed* However, they will continue to sell some products online. BUT this made me go hmmmm…. 
I wonder how many brick and mortar natural hair care stores are feeling the pinch from big box retailers like Walmart, Target, Sally's etc???? How many other stores are on the verge of shutting down because Beauty World is in their backyard???? If so, then it’s really unfortunate because I never would have been introduced to a wide range of natural hair care products if it had not been for Dionne Blanks at Nyenzo. I first learned of Darcy’s Botanicals, Qhemet Biologics, Donna Marie, TGIN, Coco Curls and many, many more from visiting Dionne at Nyenzo! In my opinion, those small natural hair care companies would not have gotten an opportunity to be in a brick and mortar establishment if it had not been for the mom and pop store. Dionne was knowledgeable, personable and very patient!!! I enjoyed buying from her as I thought I was contributing financially to the community. Needless to say I was VERY shocked when I learned that she was closing.

I certainly want to see the small shop owner survive. However, as a customer I think the independent business owner should consider a few things.

1. Pricing - I can almost guarantee a lower price in Walmart, Target or Sally’s for the same product in the independent store. I think many people would prefer to spend their dollars patronizing small business, but when a product sells for $3-$5 more than the big competitor, it’s almost a no-brainer. 

2. Store Hours - almost every natural hair care store owner has 10 AM -6 PM hours. In some cases they open later and close earlier. Either way...if I punch a clock from 9 AM to 5-5:30 PM, fight traffic, get a speeding ticket trying to make it to the store before it closes...let’s just say I can’t afford points on my insurance. Sidenote: I’m really a good driver. But you get what I’m saying.

3. Customer Service - this doesn’t apply to Nyenzo but it does apply to other natural hair care store owners in my area...ANSWER the phone!!! RETURN a phone call!!! RESPOND to emails!!! I can’t said big business is any better, but we've grown to expect that type of mess from them. Usually there’s only ONE or TWO people in the small shops...why can't they answer the phone? Better yet, why can't they respond to an email? Let’s do better!

Now, I’m not saying that if they make these changes everything in their world would be grand, BUT it’s a start. I certainly wish Dionne the best! While her doors are closed, she WILL be selling some products online. Check them out!

I love to support small business because I love to build relationships in addition to helping the community financially. If you don't shop small, please consider it! :-)

Peace and Blessings!

Do you buy your products fromsmall business or the big retailer??? Why???

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