And Then I Look in the Mirror

4 years ago

(originally posted at: My Really Real Reality)

I keep saying I still feel 26 years old. 

In fact, I often say I am now (and always will be) 26 years old.

I still feel like I did when I was 26 much of the time. 

And then I look in the mirror...

Sometimes I'm still shocked when I don't see my 20 something year old face looking back at me. 

But the truth is that somewhere in the blink of an eye that 26 year old young woman was 17 years - and an entirely different person - ago.

This woman is most definitely not 26. She has a few more lines across the forehead, and is starting to notice a few around the eyes and mouth. She is carrying more weight than she did at 26. She has more aches and pains that that 26 year old ever knew. She has an occassional hot flash. 

She also has another child.  And a grandchild. 

She has years more of life's lessons behind her.  She is older.  She is wiser.  And in many ways better. 

So, while it's OK to still feel 26 - it's also OK to be that older woman in the mirror.  She's pretty great too.

I wonder if when I'm 60 I'll be saying I still feel 43?  And then I'll look in the mirror...

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