Affordable Ways to Keep Your Closet Trendy

4 months ago
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Keeping up with the ever-changing trends may seem like a budget-busting endeavor, but shopping for clothing that is functional and stylish doesn't have to empty your wallet. Getting outfitted for your day can be fun, effortless, and empowering with the right options. Selecting pieces purposefully that you love combined with spontaneous impulse grabs creates a wardrobe that works for you and makes you smile every time you go to get dressed. All it takes to get the looks you love on the budget you have is a little planning. 

Keep It Basic

Minimizing is currently a big trend, with experts and bloggers touting a carefully curated closet as the best way to start your day. Too many choices can create more stress, a phenomenon identified by psychologists. Being faced with fewer choices also means having fewer items, but having less and staying trendy go hand in hand. The spirit of "less is more" and the "capsule closet" rely on first identifying what you need most. Staples may differ slightly in style, color, and composition from person to person, but the basics remain the same. So what do women absolutely need in their closets?

  • White T-Shirt
  • Jeans
  • Leggings
  • Classic black pants
  • Blazer
  • Little black dress
  • White button-up shirt
  • Leather belt
  • Ballet flats
  • Simple pumps
  • Boots
  • Sandals
  • Sneakers
  • Scarf
  • Solid color tote
  • Sunglasses

This list is meant as a guideline, but from blog to articles, these items reappear again and again. Because these items will form the foundation for your wardrobe, it is important that your choices reflect your personal style, that they fit well and are comfortable, and that they fit into your budget. Selecting a neutral palette for basics will be sure to highlight your trendier choices. Take the time to select items that you want to wear over and over! 

Buy Quality and Donate Quantity

It is suggested that you spend about 80% of your clothing budget on whatever basic items you choose to anchor your wardrobe. Opting for brands that provide high quality will pay off in the long run because they will hold up better over time and make you feel better when you wear them. Higher quality items cost more upfront, but they will need to be replaced less frequently and will perform better. Some brands, like Eddie Bauer, have lifetime guarantees on their clothing, which means worn out items may be replaced for free. Other brands, like LulaRoe, offer unparalleled comfort and very personalized options. Whichever brands you love, wardrobe staples should be a reflection of what you want most from your clothing. 

Both Eddie Bauer and LulaRoe prices can easily fit within budgets if you shop mindfully. Brands located in stores may have outlets and offer seasonal sales both onsite and online. Boutique brands sold in small stores or by consultants often offer discounts, usually to clear inventory at the end of a season. Take advantage of these sales to grab high-quality items at lower prices. 

Many environmentally and socially conscious brands and stores offer discounts for donations. At H&M, you can donate old clothing in exchange for 15% off of your next purchase. If you like consignment and thrift shopping, you can get credits for donations that may be used for purchases or simply collect the tax-write off slips. Trendy items no longer in style or worn out clothing can be used to lessen the impact of your new seasonal finds and quirky fashion experiments. 

Affordable, Easy, Trendy

Planning makes having a wardrobe with both the reliability and versatility you want easy to obtain at almost any budget. Seasonal and trendy additions can be easily swapped out when the wardrobe foundation is well established, taking the guesswork out of coordinating outfits and making getting ready for the day joyful and uncomplicated.

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