5 Tips To A Cleaner Closet

5 years ago

It's a new year and the perfect time to organize your closet!
I know it doesn't sound like a lot of fun but I have five tips that will make it seem painless, and, I promise, you'll have less trouble getting dressed in the morning. And I'm not recommending one of those thousand dollar closet systems either!

1. Bite the bullet, throw out the plastic and wire hangers and get some of those flocked ones like these from Bed Bath and Beyond


Plastic hangers take up tons of space and things slip off them so easily. Ultra-slim hangers like these will make everything tidy.

And, while you have all your clothes on the bed to switch out the hangers...

2. Donate anything you haven't worn in a year. Yes, yes, things come back into style, but not with the same cut or fabrics. And I know: you'll wear it again when you lose five pounds. Take the skinny clothes and put them in a trash bag to be stowed somewhere else. It's too depressing to face my skinny skirts each morning - if I lose five pounds I'll dig them out of the attic. As for the other clunkers, be strong! There is someone else who can use your cast-offs.

3. When you hang everything back up either: put outfits (skirts and blouses) together so you can pull them out at the same time, or: put likes together (all the skirts in one section, all the blouses and pants in another). Sure, it's a little Type A, but it's easier on the eye and helps keep things organized.

4. Organize your shoes. Are they in a pile on the floor? Are some too worn to wear? Do you have a few pair that might benefit from a trip to the shoe repair shop? Polish and fix what you can, ditch shoes or boots that look old or crummy and throw away anything that cannot be saved or doesn't fit correctly. Shoes don't stretch or shrink, so if they don't fit now get rid of them.

5. Move seasonal things to a different closet/dresser/storage. Snow boots can go in the hall closet, summer dresses can be stored elsewhere for the winter, sweaters can be bagged (with cedar or lavender) and stowed for the summer.

Consider investing in vacuum bags for storage.

After you're finished access your needs. Do you have a good blazer or cardigan? Have you got a nicely fitted white shirt? Is there one longish and one shorter black skirt in your wardrobe? I could go on and on about pieces every wardrobe needs (and maybe I will in another post!) but, bear in mind, one of the best places to find basics is your local thrift shop...just make sure it isn't the same one you donate to!

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