5 Tattoos That Are Extremely Popular In Girls

6 months ago

Tattoos can be quite an amazing thing if you get them right. While not all parents allow their kids to have tattoos, that’s not the case with every parent out there. When parents think about tattoos, they always think of a person with tattoos all over his/her body. This is now how tattoos always look. It is always in your hands how much of your body you want covered with tattoos. Some people are happy having a coin sized tattoo on their body somewhere. Some find it cool to have their arms completely covered with tattoos and even the necks.

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When it comes to girls, they can also suffice with just one tattoo. There are many female celebrities with huge tattoos on their bodies. They can become an inspiration for other girls to get tattoos too. Now, you might want to keep in mind that tattoos are not only for cool esthetics. Many people get tattoos in memory of some person or event. This is why you see girls and boys with letters written on their arms or necks. While are unlimited tattoo designs to pick from, here are some tattoos that have become really popular in girls:

  1. The Angel On Side Belly

This is one of the most beautiful looking tattoos out there. It does not have to be in many different colors too. Sometimes only one or a couple of colors are enough to complete this tattoo. The tattoo is drawn on the side of the belly and you can always choose the size of it. It can be big enough to cover the whole side or just small enough to stay on your side-belly. The tattoo design contains a girl with huge wings. It’s the wings of the angel that occupy most of the space on your body. Starting from your side-belly a little under your belly button, the tattoo ends just before your bottom strip of the bra.

  1. A Small Heart Tattoo

This is probably one of the most basic tattoos out there. It is also considered the best tattoo for basic girls i.e. girls who don’t want much of tattoo on their bodies. The tattoo is as simple as a heart shape in red color with a black outline. It is totally up to you to decide where you want this tattoo. If your parents don’t allow tattoos, you could have it drawn in some area they will not see easily. A better way would be to just convince them to let you have this tattoo because it is so small that your finger’s tip can easily hide it. Many girls have chosen to have this heart shaped tattoo on the back of their necks, half an inch below the line where their hairs start.

  1. The Pinky Promise Tattoo

This is a creative and sensibly thought-out tattoo. The idea of tattoo is pretty simple and you can get it on you within minutes. All you have to have is the word “promise” written on your body as a tattoo. Now, the best place to have this tattoo is the side of your pinky finger. Hence, it will be reminding you of an important pinky promise. This promise can be with your life partner with who you have taken the promise of staying together forever and never cheating. If this looks unsatisfying to you, girls have also chosen to have two to four lines of their favorite songs’ lyrics as their tattoo.

  1. The Flower On Shoulder Tattoo

Alright, this particular tattoo speaks for itself. This tattoo has the power that no other tattoo has. When you get this tattoo, your entire shoulder is covered with a big and rich flower design. It is up to you to keep this flower simple by having it drawn in just one color or make it fancy by including other colors to it. The huge flower design on the shoulder becomes a reflection of your girl power. This tattoo is very feminine but in a very powerful way. You can even have this tattoo right in the middle part of your back right at the point where your neck and back meet. Keep this tattoo as prominent as possible for maximum effect.

  1. The Baby Elephant

This particular tattoo is all about cuteness. You can get it at any part of the body where it is easily visible. You want the world to see this tattoo for its cuteness. The best place to have this tattoo is your wrist where it is easily visible. You can decide if you want this baby elephant to be alone or having a balloon in its trunk. The baby elephant with balloon in its trunk adds more color to the tattoo and makes it even cuter. A pink balloon adds more feminine touch to the tattoo too.

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