5 Summer Head to Toe Fashion Fixes

4 years ago

Have you ever had one of those mornings when you are just straight up bored with your look? Sometimes the smallest changes can give your style, and by extension, your mood, an instant lift.

Here are five quick, effortless, inexpensive head-to-toe fixes that will help you breathe life into your been-there-done-that routine, and help you to revamp your style this summer.

Tip #1. Wear a wig or a hair piece

Jamaican women wear wigs often and without apology! You guessed it: my hair looks different today because I am wearing one. Over the years I have amassed a small collection of synthetic full wigs and ponytails. They are a fast and easy way to reinvent and update my look without committing to a specific style. It also helps me to avoid the added expense of a hair cut, hair color or hair extensions.

I picked up this layered synthetic wig recently from my neighborhood hair store. I covered my tresses with a stocking cap and pulled out a few of my own hair strands which I used to blend with the synthetic hair so that the wig wouldn't be too obvious.

  • Effort level: Easy!
  • Cost: $29.99
  • Time: about 5 minutes.
  • Alternative: part your hair in the center if you part it on the side. Wear your hair down if you always wear it in a top knot, etc.

Tip #2. Fill In Your Eyebrows

Lately, I've been filling in my eyebrows using a pencil and powder combination. Filling in my brows makes them look a lot more prominent, and when I take the time to arch and highlight them it changes the shape of my face. Here are some guidelines that I found via divaasia:

If you have a long face and would like to make it look shorter, choose a flat brow shape. If you have a round face, then choose a brow shape with a high arch. Finally, if you have a heart shaped face, choose brows that balance your face by creating a soft curved arch.

  • Effort level: Somewhat easy!
  • Cost: I used a drug store brand eyebrow cake powder, auto eyebrow pencil and lipstick ($10.50)
  • Time: about 15 minutes
  • Alternative: Just add a bold lip color.

Tip #3. Add Faux Lashes

Faux lashes, used in combination with mascara, are an eye-enhancing, quick makeup update.

  • Effort level: Not so easy! (You are not going to get the eyelash thing on your first try)
  • Cost: I used a drug store brand eyebrow cake powder, auto eyebrow pencil and lipstick ($5.00)
  • Time: about 10 minutes
  • Alternative: Add mascara, especially if this is something you don't do every day.

Tip #4. Add a Bright, Bold, Patterned and Colorful Completer Piece

Every outfit should have a “completer piece" which ties it together. This can be a blazer, vest, belt or scarf. My favorite "completer piece" is the blazer. Blazers can be pricey, though, so when I see a good deal, I cash in! Here I added a red belt and a multi-colored blazer to bring some extra life and drama into this gray and blue outfit.

  • Effort level: Easy (Unless you have to go shopping!)
  • Cost: I found this blazer on the clearance rack at my favorite department store ($25)
  • Time: about 1 minute

Tip #5. Wear Your Best Shoes

Every woman has at least one pair of shoes that she absolutely loves. If you are trying to figure out which among your shoes should be sashed and crowned "best", it's the pair you received TONS of compliments on the last time you wore them. They are more than likely still kept in their box and pulled out for special occasions.

Wear that pair! Shoes are a focus accessory that can make or break an outfit. If you mix it up, maybe wearing dressy shoes with a casual outfit, it helps to create visual interest and drama in your look.

  • Effort level: Easy (you should already have one in your closet!)
  • Cost: I found these black strappy sandals at a discount chain ($39.99)
  • Time: about 1 minute
  • Alternative: There is none. I repeat: shoes make or break an outfit!

And there you have them: five quick and inexpensive tips to help you revamp your style from head to toe!

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