10 Tips on buying the perfect porcelain box for women

21 days ago

We all love Porcelain but buying it one as a gift for women can be challenging. In this article you will learn 10 simple tips you can use to find and buy exclusive porcelain boxes for all types of needs, including Limoges porcelain.

1. Thoroughly do your homework

The first step to making the right buying decision is knowing what you are up for and understanding all you can about the item you want to purchase. Part of carefully doing your homework will include researching on the prices of porcelain boxes, looking at various designs and comparing pricing. It would also include understanding porcelain, the material behind the box so that you won’t be duped when you actually get to buy. Certain materials and collections are more expensive, Limoges Boxes for instance.

2. Consider the Design

To perfectly choose the design that suits you when buying a porcelain box, you need to first start by looking at the occasion for which you want to use the box. If your goal is to use the box for decorating your home’s dining, then the colors used to design your desired porcelain box should somehow sync with the overall color palate of your home so that it easily blends in and adds to the splendor of your house. Put simply, the design on your porcelain box should go with the occasion for which it will be used.

3. Look at the Brand

There are a lot of brands around who make porcelain boxes which in turn makes it important for you to be able to differentiate those that are reputable from those that aren’t. Apart from the brands, websites like Etsy have a lot of sellers who sell porcelain boxes. If you are considering buying your porcelain box from an individual, then looking at that persons Social Proof will be key. Try finding out their reviews to see the opinions of other buyers so that you ensure they are reputable before buying.

4. Is it translucent?

One of the characteristics of porcelain is its translucence, which is the ability to allow vague shadows to be seen through it. Whatever the type of porcelain box you wish to buy, you should make sure that it has a high degree of translucence. The reason why translucency is so important is because it is one of the few things you can look at to differentiate between original and counterfeit porcelain boxes.

5. The box should be watertight

Simply put, porcelain boxes are waterproof. When you store your valuable items in them, you should sleep comfortably knowing that they won’t be affected if anything is to be spilled on top of the porcelain box. Why is this so? Perfect porcelain is not porous and is watertight. When buying a porcelain material, this is one thing you should carefully observe about it. And as said above, a watertight porcelain box means the box is safe from water which can cause gradual damages if allowed.

6. The Porcelain should be smooth and fine

Yes, when you look at a porcelain box, it’s obvious that the major raw material it’s made from is so smooth and fine which is expected, a lot in fact. But there is a lot to this fineness. When you rub your finger over porcelain, you are not supposed to feel bumps unless if they are connected to the overall design of the particular box. Once you begin to feel such bumps, then there is a high chance that you may be dealing with poor quality porcelain.

7. There should be no chips and cracks on the box.

In addition to the point above, a perfect porcelain box should neither have cracks nor chips. You might disappoint yourself if you get a box with cracks trying to convince yourself that they are insignificant. Before buying the porcelain box, you need to check out every inch of the box while handling with perfect care. Cracked or chipped boxes can result in disasters as cracks are known to grow depending on usage and time. A small crack can even lead to the disintegration of the entire box.

8. Check for stain resistance

This is the secret superpower of porcelain material that sets it apart from all others. Porcelain is stain resistant, a trait that is passed on to porcelain boxes. What this means is that you should care to ensure that the specific box you get cannot be affected by micro stains such as spilled soda and others. This feature of porcelain boxes can be extremely important particularly if you wish to use your box for decorative purposes. No one would use a decorative item that easily catches on dirt.

9. Ask

In addition to the above, sometimes the best way for you to get the most amazing porcelain box is by just asking. What do I mean? Talk to a seller and simply ask him to show you some of the best porcelain boxes he has. Apart from that, when communicating with a seller, you should also ask some key questions with regards to the item you are buying. This only can help acquire more knowledge about the product, which is crucial to make a pleasant purchase.

10. Trust your eye

By going through strict testing standards when buying your porcelain box, you might limit yourself. This is why you need to trust your eye, because in the end, it’s you who should be ultimately satisfied from having a high quality item that you love. With that said, if you love a porcelain box that has a crack in it, then by all means, get it and look after it with care so that it lasts.

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