The #1 Secret to Making Even Your Lazy Days Super Stylish

3 years ago


We all know at least one woman who always, always looks fashionable. She looks put together, in control and makes it all seem effortless, like those French women who look like they rolled out of bed dressed in designer clothes.

So what’s a girl to do, when you don’t have all the time, budget and energy in the world to look “perfect” every day?? The secret is that it really doesn’t take that much effort to turn clothes from something you wear to keep warm into an outfit. All it takes is accessories.

Well, accessories and the 3 minutes it takes to select the right ones and actually put them on. (Please tell me I’m not the only person who owns loads of earrings, necklaces and scarves and sometimes forgets about them until I’ve already left the house and it’s too late to go back.) Keep your accessories near a mirror–right by the front door if necessary–and you’ll never walk out unadorned again. See? Even the laziest day is no excuse for not looking fab!

Read on for our favorite tips to elevate a basic outfit into something super stylish.


Those French women are on to something. You can wear jeans and t-shirt, but once you add a scarf, you look dressed up, stylish, fashionable. One piece of fabric is all it takes to de-shlump any outfit. And if you’re wearing something nice to start with, a scarf can take your outfit to the next level.

You can get bored wearing your scarves the same way every day, so thanks to Wendy’s Lookbook, you can view twenty-five (that’s right, more than two dozen) ways to tie a scarf in under five minutes. Can you say AWESOME??

And when the video is done, you can click on any of the styles to see a tutorial at an easy-to-follow speed. If you have a short neck like I do, then use a thinner scarf than the ones in the video so your scarf doesn’t overwhelm you.




The cliché that women love shoes exists for a reason. For one thing, it’s a lot easier to shop for shoes than for clothes because the sizes are standardized. But shoes also let us add a pop of color or an animal print to an outfit without going overboard. And unlike other accessories, you won’t forget to wear them since you can’t leave the house barefoot.

Have some fun with your shoes. The classic red shoe goes with practically anything and is sure to elevate your mood. Try purple or metallic or electric blue. But even if you stick with basic black or brown, wear something that you love looking at, and that feels fantastic.

I know there’s a lot of debate on this point, but my personal opinion is that shoes are definitely one area where youshouldn’t skimp. Cheap shoes have the same drawbacks as cheap clothes, plus they can mess up your feet, knees or back. It’s SO not worth it. And these days, there are comfortable, supportive shoes that are also stylish, so you can feel good while looking good. You can even find boots with wide calves if you’re plus size, or have muscular calves from hitting the gym. Look at these gorgeous ones!

black riding boots wide width wide calf

Classic Equestrian Boots in Wide Widths!

Statement Jewelry

One thing a little black dress is perfect for is acting a backdrop to some jewelry that really stands out. Not all jewelry is a statement piece – I’m talking about the jewelry that makes people say, “I love your earrings!” the moment they see you.

Statement jewelry can be an expensive bauble that you just had to have, or fabulous fakes, or costume jewelry. It’s all about the wow factor.

If you’re plus size, then you may need to have a jeweler lengthen your necklaces and bracelets. Don’t let this extra step keep you  from accessorizing. It just means you’ll have more sparkle. Just like with clothing, jewelry looks better when it fits properly.

Gold Chain Bib Statement Necklace, $40

Gold Chain Bib Statement Necklace, $40

  Accessories Really Do Make Style Effortless

Once you’ve built a collection of fabulous accessories, it really will take you only three minutes to put them on in the morning. Then you you can wear stylish outfits all the time, and be envied by everyone who doesn’t know the secret. You’ll see that accessories really do make the woman.



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