4 Times Jake Gyllenhaal gives us the creeps in Nightcrawler trailer

OK, Mr. Gyllenhaal, we get it! You’re not just a handsome hunk of meat to be drooled over. You like playing dark, moody, complicated and sometimes-dangerous characters and your latest film is no exception.

The trailer for Nightcrawler hit the internet this week and, we have to admit, it gave us the creeps. TRAILER: Gone Girl trailer No. 2 takes us on creepy ride >> Jake Gyllenhaal plays Lou Bloom, a seemingly down on his luck young man who — desperate for a job — finds himself making a living as ...

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5 Reasons the Fifty Shades of Grey trailer killed our lady boner

The two-minute trailer for Fifty Shades is out, giving us a sneak peek into the one of the most anticipated erotic stories of this millennium. After watching the trailer, however, we're not exactly ready to dust off the handcuffs and hit the sheets. Here's why.

1) Don't want to see Dakota Johnson naked The daughter of Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith, Dakota most certainly inherited acting genes and good looks. But in the trailer, her Holly Hobbie blouse and schoolgirl skirt make her look incredibly mousy. We understand that Anastasia is supposed to be...

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Capitol Couture is all the rage in new Mockingjay promo

Get lost in pages of mesmerizing Capitol fashion with Capitol Couture, a special online magazine featuring impressive fashion, art and design from Panem.

Lionsgate is taking our breath away (yet again!) with its newest Mockingjay promo — an online magazine that comes directly from the Capitol of Panem. The magazine features mesmerizing photos and inventive articles from some of Panem's most elite and "in the know" fashion editors, capitalizing on...

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INTERVIEW: Scarlett Johansson's long, painful week on the set of Lucy

She's been kicking butt in the Marvel universe as Black Widow for years, and now Scarlett Johansson is bringing a new female protagonist to the big screen in Lucy. SheKnows sat down with the actress to discuss her role in the forthcoming action-packed sci-fi thriller.

In Lucy, Scarlett Johansson plays a woman forced to work as an unwitting drug mule, but is quickly able to turn the tables on her captors when the drugs inside her abdomen begin to leak, giving her superhuman mental abilities and strength. We asked Johansson why she thinks we're seeing more wome...

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