How Hollywood can help improve young girls' self-esteem

Young girls today grapple with issues most of us never gave a moment's thought growing up and, sadly, many of these issues stem from the entertainment world. If Hollywood made the following four tweaks, it could make a world of difference in young girls' self-confidence.

1. Be more mindful of what's being modeled. No, we aren't talking about the impossible standards set forth by the women strutting on catwalks, either (we'll get to that in a bit). We're talking about models of behavior: the way women in movies are often completely preoccupied with men. Or with h...

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TRAILER: Benedict Cumberbatch is an enigma in The Imitation Game

The official trailer for The Imitation Game just dropped and it features a mesmerizing turn for Benedict Cumberbatch as Alan Turing, the British mathematical genius responsible for cracking the Nazi Enigma code.

The film follows Turing and his team as they work at Bletchley Park, Britain's code-breaking center, during World War II. The trailer paints a tense picture as the team of scientists race against time to crack the German code. SK Confessional: I'm obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch, and here's w...

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Why you should watch movies with your kids regularly

Sure, family movie night is fun. You pile on the couch together, you eat a little popcorn and you laugh (or cry, depending) about what's unfolding onscreen before you. But movie night is about much more than just fun.

Yes, absolutely, your family will undoubtedly enjoy movie time together. If your kids are young, they'll revel in feeling like adults for getting to watch TV longer than you normally allow. If they're teens, well, they'll probably just be pumped you don't want to have a one-on-one about who they'...

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5 Dance movie stereotypes and why we love them

We've spent more Saturdays than we care to admit hunkered down at home watching Step Up and Center Stage, and we've yet to tire of dance movies... no matter how cheesy or predictable they are. Actually, we embrace the stereotypes! Here are our favorite classic "dance movie moments."

The incredibly complex dance routine pulled off with barely a moment's notice Dirty Dancing Final Scene Dirty Dancing Final Scene Shall we blame Dirty Dancing — the godmother of all dance flicks — for this inexplicable occurrence? Let's think back to the moment Johnny defiantly declare...

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