5 Dance movie stereotypes and why we love them

We've spent more Saturdays than we care to admit hunkered down at home watching Step Up and Center Stage, and we've yet to tire of dance movies... no matter how cheesy or predictable they are. Actually, we embrace the stereotypes! Here are our favorite classic "dance movie moments."

The incredibly complex dance routine pulled off with barely a moment's notice Dirty Dancing Final Scene Dirty Dancing Final Scene Shall we blame Dirty Dancing — the godmother of all dance flicks — for this inexplicable occurrence? Let's think back to the moment Johnny defiantly declare...

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Michael Rooker on Guardians of the Galaxy: "It's gonna blow your mind!"

Michael Rooker has perfected playing the anti-hero. From a serial killer to a redneck zombie and everything in between, the veteran actor makes even the vilest characters somehow sympathetic. Accordingly, we couldn't wait to hear about his newest not-so-black-and-white (blue and white?) role as intergalactic biker boss Yondu in Guardians of the Galaxy.

The highly anticipated film, which hits theaters on Aug. 1, delves into the Marvel universe to explore the saga of Peter Quill (played by hilarious Chris Pratt) and his charismatic band of outlaws-turned-cosmic superheroes. The role of Yondu — the fierce blue-skinned, red-eyed alien biker who ra...

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4 Inspiring activist teen actresses

No matter your age, you can gain inspiration from these teens who pull double duty as both actresses and activists.

Ariana Grande Known by many as the next Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande has taken Hollywood by storm. The singer and actress is also an anti-bullying advocate, surprisingly as a victim of bullying herself. She teamed up with singer Mika to rally against bullying with her single "Popular Song," and s...

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10 Lessons our favorite dance movies taught us

There's just something about dance movies — the mix of cheesiness, earnestness, and incredible athleticism that gets us every time. But there's more to these fun rom-coms: They also have some pretty serious lessons. Here's what we've learned over the years from our 10 favorite dance movies of all time.

1. Footloose Footloose trailer Footloose trailer Aside from the fact that we're all six degrees from Kevin Bacon, Footloose also taught us that sometimes questioning authority is the right thing to do. A town without dancing? That's just not right. Thankfully, Bacon's rebellious Ren Mc...

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