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The One & Only

It's been two years since Emily Giffin's last novel Where We Belong was released, and fans are overdue. The One & Only is sure to fill the void this summer with a story that pits passion against loyalty.


Through three points of view, Hidden explores relationships, the results of the decisions we make and the obligation we have to the people we love.

Dorothy Must Die

A tornado drops young Amy Gumm in Oz, but instead of singing munchkins, she finds a b**** of a problem in the evil Princess Dorothy.

I Just Graduated... Now What?

Katherine Schwarzenegger's new book explores inspiring celeb stories that will make you feel better about your answer to "now what?" — whatever it may be.

Author Spotlight

Alicia Silverstone

As passionate as she is talented, Alicia Silverstone likes to "give 100 percent" at everything she does. The actress filled us in on her latest labor of love: The Kind Mama, a how-to for helping women find joy in pregnancy.
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The Here and Now

The phrase "present dystopian" may sound like an oxymoron, but Ann Brashares manages to capture the idea perfectly in her new book The Here and Now.