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Pets Deals 149 deals found

The Hot Puppy pet dog/cat clothes hoodie is a hooded sweater made to fit your dog perfectly and keep him warm during the winter. It contains fleece to keep your dog warm even in the coldest weather. Sizes range from S (small) to XXL. They also are embroidered with a humorous message (for example, "adidog"). You can also buy the OxGord Pet Control Harness, which is suitable for both dogs and cats. It is made from soft mesh and has a padded neck opening as well, and is a good alternative to the traditional dog leash, which has been linked to causing respiratory problems if not applied properly. The OxGord Pet Control Harness distributes the pressure over the chest and neck and is available in 7 different colors, which make it easier to identify your pet. For summertime, consider the Pet Vest Summer Clothes T-shirt, which is perfect in warm weather. 

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