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A gaming chair is special for PC game enthusiasts. There are models that adjust to the gamer's sitting position, while there are others which allow you to adjust the height, the angle of the front seat's lip, and the backrests and armrests. Some, such as the Office Star ProGrid, allow tilting the chair, as well as sliding it forward or backward. An attractive feature of the Playseat series of gaming chairs is the mixed foam, which cushions you for hours of gaming. It also has large wheels for smooth rolling, and a circular rim between the wheels to provide foot support. It also allows you to recline up to a flat position, as well as a forward swivel to support you while gaming. Also, the back support is an important factor--the GTFORCE recliner provides special "body-hugging" support, with an adjustable lumbar cushion. Also, the height of the back should be able to support every part of your back.

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