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The 10 Best Standing Desks

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Yellow first place 1 Inergo Inergo Preassembled Black 36" x 25" Standing Desk
27 reviews
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2 VIVO VIVO VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk Sit to St
98 reviews
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3 Best Choice Products Best Choice Products Best Choice Products Height Adjustable Standing Desk Monitor
42 reviews
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Orange best value 4 Ergodriven Ergodriven Topo by Ergodriven | The Not-Flat Standing Desk
34 reviews
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5 Stand Steady Stand Steady Standing Desk - X-Elite Pro Height Adjustable Desk
55 reviews
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6 SITA-OFFICE SITA-OFFICE Standing Desk Preassembled Height Adjustable Sit Stand Up
67 reviews
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7 HUANUO HUANUO Standing Desk Converter - Height Adjustable Sit to
74 reviews
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8 EleTab EleTab EleTab Standing Desk Converter Sit Stand Desk Riser
30 reviews
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9 Smugdesk Smugdesk Standing Desk, Stand up Adjustable Desk Riser Converter
59 reviews
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10 VIVO VIVO VIVO Black Height Adjustable Standing 32" Desk Sit
50 reviews
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Your Guide to Buying a Standing Desk

By Yehudah Posnic

When given the option, you would think that sitting and working is less taxing than doing the same task standing. But, if you work in front of a monitor for over 8 hours a day, there are some interesting statistics that show how sitting the entire day might take a toll on your body over time--worse than smoking cigarettes! Being sedentary for so long increases the risk of heart disease, and people who sit for a long time complain of back problems as well. A standing desk provides you with all the amenities of a desk or workstation and allows you to work part of the day standing as well. This gets the blood circulating to your legs and makes your heart exert a little more effort. You can position your monitor, keyboard, and mouse exactly to the height that you find comfortable. And, depending on the design, a standing desk will give you the choice of working standing up or sitting.

We’ve composed this buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision when selecting a standing desk. It'll help you:

  • Choose the right type of standing desk,

  • See useful tips about that particular type of standing desk,

  • Read reviews of different standing desks, and what customers are saying,

  • Select the right brand of standing desk, and

  • Compare prices and find the best deals.

Types of Standing Desks

  • Height adjustment: You’ll see that standing desks can differ in the mechanism that they use to adjust their height:

    • Manual Riser: There are brands of standing desks that offer you a number of options to adjust the height. The Mount-It! Height Adjustable Standing Desk uses several designs to adjust the height by hand:

      • A crank-height adjustment, by turning a crank until you get the desired height;  

      • Height adjustment knobs to set the height exactly, much like a set of bookshelves;

      • A gas spring arm that you adjust by pressing a lever.

    • Electric Riser: There are standing desks, such as the VIVO Electric Height Adjustable Standing desk, that adjust their height with an electric motor, that moves at the push of a button.

  • Desk configuration: You’ll also see different configurations of standing desks:

    • Stand-only desk converters: These are devices that convert a regular workplace into a standing desk. The device is used entirely while standing, which is certainly better than only sitting. But beware--being on your feet the whole day can lead to varicose veins or foot problems. So, you might be forced to fold it up and work sitting as well.

    • Sit-stand desk converters: This is the best option, which lets you split your work time between sitting and standing. That lets you take periodic breaks to change your posture and stretch a little bit.

    • Full-size standing desks: This is a setup where the desk itself can be adjusted for sitting or standing.

What Reviewers Say

  • Clip for managing the computer cables: You probably don’t want a whole slew of cables cluttering up your workspace. There are standing desks that offer you a clip that holds the cables from your monitor, keyboard, and mouse in place--which is much neater and manageable.

  • Fixed height settings, or continual heights: You’ll see that some desks offer distinct height settings, such as the House Of Trade standing desk. The height can be set at 6.5”, 9.8”, 12.8”, 15.2”, or 16.3”. Instead of fixed heights, the Dvokolor Height-Adjustable Standing Desk has a gas-spring adjust--just like a typical office chair--that allows you to set the height to precisely what is most comfortable to you.

  • Don’t stand all day: There are health benefits to combining sitting with standing when working at a desk job. But don’t take it to the extreme and work the entire day standing. It’s a fact that the mind does certain tasks better when you’re sitting, especially jobs that take a lot of concentration. The best advice is to switch to standing when your tasks are more mechanical.

Important Features

  • Desirable surface area: There are certain computer tasks that are made simpler if you have two monitors hooked up to your computer. If necessary, you want to be sure that your standing desk will be able to fit one or two monitors, as well as your laptop. A desk measuring 36" x 22", such as the VIVO Height-Adjustable Standing Desk, can accommodate two 24”-wide monitors.

  • Advantages of a dual-tier standing desk: A dual-tier desk lets you situate the monitor at an ideal height for your eyes, and the keyboard and mouse at an ideal height for your hands. (The keyboard and mouse should be situated so as to be at the height of your elbows, while the monitor height should be at eye-level.) This beats having to find some makeshift way of raising the monitor to the height that is best for you.

  • Weight capacity: You want to make sure that the desk can support the weight of your computer peripherals without collapsing. The VIVO Standing Desk can sustain a weight of 36.5 lbs, while the House of Trade Standing Desk can bear 50 lbs!

  • Assembly: You should check if your standing desk requires any assembly. The Best Choice Products Height-Adjustable Standing Desk requires minimal assembly. You just attach it to your existing desk.

Top-Rated Brands

  • Vivo--was founded in 2002, and has its headquarters in Goodfield, Illinois. They originally dealt with sale and repair of office electronics, but later expanded to office equipment and ergonomic products, such as mounts, stand, desks, and accessories for presentations.

  • Best Choice Products--is an e-commerce company, founded in 2002 and located in Irvine, California. They deal in sports and recreation products, products for the home and office, fitness solutions, and more.

  • Mount-It!--was founded in 2006 in San Diego, California. Besides their standing desks and workstations, they specialize in mounting solutions, such as wall brackets, monitor desk mounts, projector mounts, and even mounts for your laptop or tablet while in your car.

  • The House of Trade--is a maker of office solutions, based in Longmont, Colorado. They make adjustable-height standing desks, standing desks for children, office chairs and standing mats.

  • Stand Steady--was founded by Day Martin in 2012. After suffering a car accident, she discovered that a standing desk relieved her back pain. This led to her creating innovative office solutions, such as desk add-ons, monitor arms, special office chairs and cushions, and more.

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