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The 10 Best Sheets

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Yellow first place 1 California Design Den California Design Den California Design Den 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton
17 reviews
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2 Cosy House Collection Cosy House Collection Cosy House 1500 Series Bed Sheets Set
40 reviews
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3 Mayfair Linen Mayfair Linen Mayfair Linen 100% EGYPTIAN COTTON Sheets, SILVER QUEEN
80 reviews
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4 Thread Spread Thread Spread Thread Spread True Luxury 100% Egyptian Cotton 1000
78 reviews
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Orange best value 5 Shilucheng Shilucheng Shilucheng Bed Sheet Set Microfiber 1800 Threads Egyptian
17 reviews
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6 LINENWALAS LINENWALAS LINENWALAS 100% Cotton Bed Sheets – 1000 Thread
58 reviews
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7 California Design Den California Design Den 600 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheets - Pure
84 reviews
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89 reviews
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9 CGK Unlimited CGK Unlimited California King Size Sheet Set - 6 Piece
85 reviews
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10 California Design Den California Design Den 400 Thread Count 100% Cotton Sheet Set, Pure
13 reviews
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Your Guide To Buying Sheets

By Yehudah Posnick

A person can spend 8 hours a day in bed--so it’s important that your bedding is comfortable. Your bedsheets are no less important than your mattress in determining how comfortable you’ll sleep. You should have several sets of sheets and blankets, to be able to adjust to the different seasons of the year. You’ll see that there are materials that are more suited for the winter, when you want to keep heat close to your body. There are also bed sheets from materials that are more “breathable”, and thus will be more comfortable in the summer. You’ll also want to consider whether your sheets are hypoallergenic, as well as their general cost and durability. And, of course, you’ll probably buy sheets with an eye for creating a decor in your bedroom--so you’ll probably want to buy a set of bedsheets, including a upper and lower sheet with pillowcases.

We’ve composed this buyer’s guide to help you make the right decision when selecting bedsheets. It'll help you:

  • Choose the right type of  bedsheets,

  • See useful tips about that particular type of bedsheets,

  • Read reviews of different bedsheets, and what customers are saying,

  • Select the right brand of bedsheets, and

  • Compare prices and find the best deals.

Types of Sheets

When buying bed sheets, you'll encounter two types:

  • Flat Sheets--this is also known as a “top sheet”. You place it between yourself and your blanket.

  • Fitted Sheets--This has an elastic band in the hem so that it fits snugly around the mattress. It is also known as a “bottom sheet”.

  • Sizes: The dimensions of the sheets will depend on the size of your mattress. Sweet Home Collection offers the following various sizes of sheets (there may be some differences between European and American-made sheets):

    • Twin-size: Flat sheet--66" x 96"; Fitted sheet--39" x 75"

    • Twin X-large: Fitted sheet--39” x 80”. This is recommended for a college dormitory, or for an older child.

    • Full-size: Flat sheet--81" x 96"; Fitted sheet--54" x 75"

    • Queen-size: Flat sheet--90" x 102"; Fitted sheet--60" x 80"

    • King-size: Flat sheet--102" x 105"; Fitted sheet--78" x 80"

    • California King-size: Flat sheet--102" x 108"; Fitted sheet--72" x 84"

What Reviewers Say

  • Hypoallergenic: You’ll see microfiber sheets touting the fact that they are better for people who suffer from allergies. Also, an advantage of using a microfiber sheet is that it will be more resistant to dust mites than a sheet made from natural material. That can help people who have dust allergies or hayfever.

  • Check the elastic: Some people were disappointed with the elastic on their fitted sheets. The CGK lower fitted sheet received a few complaints in this area: they elastic didn’t hug the mattress snugly.

  • 4-piece and 6-piece sets: You’ll see that retailers will sell bed sheets in 4- and 6- piece sets. The 4-piece set will contain 1 top sheet, 1 bottom sheet, and 2 pillowcases, while the 6-piece set will typically add two more pillowcases.

Important Features

  • Thread count as an indication of softness: The thread count (abbreviated “TC”) is the number of threads running horizontally (the weft) and vertically (the warp) through one square inch of the sheet. This density is also known as the “denier” of the sheet. The thread count will play an important role in determining the softness of the sheet. A thread count of 400-600 threads per inch will typically be sufficiently soft.

  • Fabrics: You’ll notice that the most common materials nowadays for bedsheets are the synthetic microfiber or cotton.

    • Microfiber: This typically is polyester or nylon, although there are also some microfiber bed sheets made from wood pulp. Microfiber tends to trap hot air and doesn’t “breathe” as well as cotton. It would be preferable in the winter, to keep you warm. CGK makes their sheets from double-brushed microfiber yarn, to increase its softness. (That’s a big plus--people complain about certain sheets as feeling coarse or itchy.) Microfiber can also be stronger and more durable than sheets made from natural materials. They also dry more quickly, since they’re less absorbent than cotton.

    • Cotton: The best cotton bed sheets can be from Egyptian cotton, which is famous for its softness, or Pima cotton, grown in the Western Hemisphere. They both produce fine strands, which produces a sheet with a high thread count, making for soft material. There are also flannel sheets, which are made from fluffed cotton fibers, to allow the sheet to trap heat better in the winter months. There are also sateen sheets, which can be cotton in a certain weave structure for greater softness, and jersey, which is a cotton fabric produced with the consistency of a T-shirt.

  • Deep pockets: The bottom, fitted sheet that goes on the mattress can have a pocket, which makes it easier to fit it over the corners of the mattress. You’ll see that sheets can accommodate a mattress of a certain thickness--such as the Cozy House Collection sheets, which can fit over a 16”-thick mattress. Some mattresses are just 8” or 12” deep--so buy accordingly.

Top-Rated Brands

Cozy House Collection--was founded in 2014 and has their headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. Their products include bed sheets, mattress protectors, pillowcases, pillows, and duvet covers.

Mellanni--are makers of microfiber and Egyptian cotton bedsheets. They also make pillowcases, duvet covers, pillows, curtains, and mattress pads.

CGK Unlimited--is located in Largo, Florida. They deal in sheet sets, pillows and pillow cases, and comforters. Their sheet sets will include a flat sheet and a fitted sheet, as well as 2 pillowcases.

California Design Den--creates bed sheet sets, duvet covers, comforter sets, quilts, and throw blankets. They also make sets consisting of a flat sheet, fitted sheet, and pillowcase.

Sweet Home Collection--makes duvet sets, mattress toppers, bed skirts, bed sheets, comforters, pillows, and more. They were founded in 1995, and have their headquarters in Brooklyn, New York. Their sheets come in a number of collections, prints, and designs.

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