8 Smart Ways
To Wear Stripes

Stripes have long been a summer staple and a classic pattern that never really goes out of style. We're showing you how to wear stripes right by sharing our picks for some of the cutest striped looks of the summer.

Striped maxi dress

Striped dress

Whether you're hitting the beach, a pool party or are just having cocktails on a patio, this sleek red and white striped maxi dress can easily be worn in any summer situation. The bold red stripes are perfect for summer and the lightweight material makes it perfect for even the hottest days. (usa.frenchconnection.com, $80)


Striped flats

Striped flats

Add a fun punch of bright color to any summer outfit with the help of these cobalt and turquoise striped espadrille flats. Pair these fun summer shoes with denim shorts (in blue or red) and a white tee for classic summer style. (jildorshoes.com, $150)


Striped tank top

Striped tank

Is there anything more comfortable than a tank top on super-hot summer days? Add to your collection with an airy slub tank in mint green and white stripes. This soon-to-be summer staple would look great with your favorite cut-offs and a pair of strappy flat sandals. (piperlime.gap.com, $68)


Striped tote bag

Striped tote bag

Busy, fun-filled summer days call for bags that can hold more items than usual, which is why tote bags are such a great choice for the season. We love this black and white striped Kate Spade nylon tote that's lightweight but sturdy. Head to the beach, on a road trip or to the farmers market in style. (neimanmarcus.com, $158)


Striped skirt

Striped skirt

Trade shorts and sundresses for a chic silk and cashmere blend mini in multicolored stripes. The luxe but comfortable skirt is perfect for those days or evenings where you want to look pulled together and polished without trying too hard. (net-a-porter.com, $170)


Striped sandals

Striped sandal

The best sandals, the ones you seem to end up wearing with everything (from skirts to shorts), are usually simple but chic and eye-catching without taking away from an outfit. These striped flat sandals could end up becoming those perfect summer sandals. (shopbop.com, $165)


Striped tee

Striped shirt

We love this black and white striped scoop neck tee with netting detail at the shoulder. The loose fit makes it ideal for hot weather and the netting detail makes this summer staple more unique than your average T-shirt. (nastygal.com, $36)


Striped one piece

Striped bathing suit

If you still haven't found the perfect bathing suit, or you're looking to add to your swimwear collection, we suggest focusing on stripes. Navy, green and white stripes combine perfectly in this elegant one piece with a strapless bandeau neckline. (neimanmarcus.com, $142)

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