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Are you dressing in a way that makes you look less intelligent than you are? Our expert is weighing in with some fashion don'ts to avoid if you want to look smart and in charge — anytime, anywhere.

We caught up with Vicky Oliver, author of The Millionaire's Handbook: How to Look and Act like a Millionaire Even if You're Not (Skyhorse, 2011), to get her take on fashion mistakes that undermine your intelligence.


Too-blond hair

Too-blonde hair -- Christina Aguilera

Contrary to popular belief, Oliver warns that you can be too thin and your hair can be too blond. “Particularly if you are a natural-born brunette, don't keep going lighter and lighter,” she says. “It makes you look like you're not smart enough to coordinate your hair and skin color.”


Too much foundation

Too much foundation -- Kim Kardashian

Evening skin tone and brightening your complexion is one thing, but it's never wise to go overboard with foundation, Oliver notes. “Covering up with too much makeup makes onlookers want to run for cover.” Stick with concealer where you need it most, a sheer foundation and a light dusting of translucent powder.


Heels higher than three inches

Heels higher than three inches -- Paris Hilton

There are certain types of shoes to wear to work or to a job interview and they aren't the same shoes you would wear to a club. “Party girls don't make partner,” says Oliver. “Tone down your heel height and let your intelligence tower.”


Nail art

Nail art -- Pamela Anderson

Do you feel like a budding Picasso? Oliver explains that your nails are not the place to express your burgeoning creativity. “One color, rather than two or three, will suffice,” she advises. “You may want to stay away from nail jewels too, unless you really know what you're doing.”



Skorts -- Carly Rae Jepsen

Is it shorts? Is it a skirt? Avoid this in-between piece if you want to look like you know what you're doing at work. “It's just very hard to take someone seriously who's the poster child for the skort,” affirms Oliver. “Pick a skirt instead, and make sure it's not ludicrously short.”


Anything too retro

Anything too retro -- Hayley Hasselhoff

Fashions change over time and looks from years past resurface but that doesn't mean it's OK to delve too far back in time. “Even if something from the past comes back, it's a tiny bit different than it was back then,” notes Oliver. “Sometimes, instead of shopping your closet, it pays to buy something new.”


Perfume that's too heavy

Perfume that's too heavy -- Snooki

Having a signature scent or even one that changes with the seasons is perfectly normal, but too much perfume is unprofessional and can make others uncomfortable. “You don't want people to swoon at the sight of you,” says Oliver. Use perfume as an accent only. It shouldn't be anyone's first and last impression of you.


Eyeshadow in a loud color

Eye shadow in loud color -- Katy Perry

Eye shadow that's too bright can undermine your intelligence, warns Oliver. “It's hard enough to pull off an iridescent blue or sparkling green at a night club. In the boardroom, it's just plain impossible,” she says.


Permanent makeup

Permanent makeup -- Megan Fox

Permanent makeup is tough to get right, and if you don't get it right, you're stuck with it. Not to mention, Oliver warns that as you age, it's hard to predict the areas that may droop and pucker. “Want fuller lips? Try using lip liner and other temporary solutions,” she advises.


A handbag that says you don't really need the job

A handbag that says you don't really need the job

Some handbags are so costly and so large, and boast so much hardware that they can look unprofessional, notes Oliver. “That's fine, if you're not in the workforce. But if you are, you may want to go for a more sensible alternative,” she says.

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Comments on "10 Fashion mistakes that undermine your intelligence"

Lisa MK August 17, 2013 | 2:55 AM

I am truly offended by this article. Women have always been judged by their looks but this is taking it too far. All sorts of trends are forced on to women and then when they do follow the trends they are being deemed stupid, based on how they look!! And to link the observation to specific women is very offensive.

Chelsea Mielke July 02, 2013 | 3:24 PM

Generally I love everyone and everything, and thus I really don't like to write negative remarks especially on public forums, but I really feel moved to say this is one of the worst articles I've ever read. Undermines your intelligence? The fashion commentary in here isn't even relevant...multi-colored and bejeweled nails are all the rave. Just because you found a picture of Paris Hilton looking silly in ugly blue shoes doesn't mean I will now be stupid unless I wear 3 inch heels. 3 inches? Really? Can you even find those anywhere? Maybe I'll borrow some from my grandmother the next time I visit. Also the theme is inconsistent across all the photo comments. Some reasoning is because you won't be taken seriously in an interview, some because people might think your general intelligence is lacking since you can't color coordinate. And please don't let Mac read the eyeshadow comments. It's Summer and EDM has barely started to die out, don't take our bright colors yet. Whoever wrote this on your editorial staff needs to revise their central goal for the article and stop turning things in at the last minute. SheKnows deserves to be represented better by quality articles, preferably with intentions to better the lives of women and be uplifting (I mean your logo's pink and yellow, c'mon), not play to assumed insecurities. Don't we have enough of that?

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