Sumita Beauty Brow Must-Have kit
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Brush up on brow beauty!

Sometimes we can use a little extra help in the eyebrow department. This kit can do the trick, with natural-looking results.

Name this product:

Sumita Beauty Brow Must Have kit

How this product looks/feels:

There are three items included in this kit: first, the Detoxifying Facial Mask which is white in color and looks like a clay mask but feels light and smooth on your skin; second, the substantial, metal-encased colored and retractable Brow Pencil with a smooth, oval tip; and third, the wax pencil called Brow Set which is used as a final touch to help keep your brows set in place. Neither the colored pencil nor the wax pencil feels heavy.

What I liked about this product:

I liked that the kit includes a Detoxifying Facial Mask. It's a nice way to start your grooming routine, and it leaves your skin soft and smooth. I also liked that the Brow Pencil is available in three shades (the medium color worked perfectly for me), and that it stays in place all day without smudging. I also liked that the box for the kit was something that could be recycled after you use the product.

What I would change about this product:

I wouldn't change anything about the product.

Describe the application process, how often you used the product and for how long:

I used the components of the Brow Must Have kit for a week. I applied the Detoxifying Facial Mask to clean skin and left on for 10-15 minutes. The instructions suggest using the product two to three times a week. It goes on very smoothly and easily wipes away with warm water, leaving your skin soft and smooth. The Brow Pencil has a soft, oval tip to help make it easy for you to fill in the area of your brow that might be lacking in hair. I used it to make light strokes to fill in the areas of my brow that needed it. I used the Brow Set pencil as a final touch to help keep brows set in place.

Describe the results you saw over one week of use:

I used the Must Have kit for a week and was happy with the way my brows looked — fuller and thicker than usual but completely natural looking.

I would recommend this product for:

Women who, if they're like me, have likely over-plucked their brows at one point or another. The tools in this kit provide natural-looking help.

Describe what you liked or didn't like about the application process:

I liked that the Detoxifying Facial Mask was something that could be used a few times a week. Otherwise, the application process for the Brow Pencil and Brow Set wax was simple and easy to incorporate into a daily routine.

One compliment/comment I received while wearing this product was:

After chatting with a few girlfriends and confessing to how I got my “new” brows, they admitted they noticed something looked different (in a good way) about me, but they didn't think my brows looked fake or drawn on.

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