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Summers are really hot here in Northern California (temperatures are regularly around 100 degrees for four months in a row!), so my goal is to stay cool and still look stylish. Maxi dresses are the perfect solution for both.

Each season I have a "mom uniform" — a few outfits or pieces that are stylish, easy to dress up or down and comfortable enough to wear every day.

For the summer, my favorite piece is the maxi dress. You can dress it up for a wedding or down for a play date, it's an easy outfit to put together, and it feels like wearing pajamas. Any outfit that is comfortable enough to sleep in is a definite win for me. Another added bonus, I love anything that covers my legs, as they tend to be my problem area.

Last year my favorite maxi dress was strapless, but this year's is even easier (no strapless bra required!) and it features two of my favorite trends: stripes and black and white.

What is your favorite summer outfit?

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Dress: Anthropologie, $78, Similar/Target, $22

Maxi dresses are my absolute favorite thing to wear right now. This one, made from cotton jersey, could not be any easier to wash or wear. I love the style, and literally, I have been living in this all summer.

Sandals: Lulu's (no longer available), Similar/Lulu's, $25

A pair of cute flat sandals is a must-have for the summer. Last year I challenged myself to not wear flip flops unless I was at the pool, beach or creek. Instead, my shoe choice was just as cool and comfortable, but much, much cuter.

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