Steal Her Royal Style

Kate Middleton won us over a long time ago with her modern approach to royal fashion and normal girl habit of recycling her wardrobe. Now that she's pregnant and expecting the world's most anticipated baby, Kate is wowing us with her chic maternity style, one fab outfit at a time. It's time to steal her look!

Get Kate Midleton's style

Early days

Whether you haven't made the big announcement yet, or you have and just haven't started to show, a wrap dress flatters your slowly growing bump. Since you're still in the early stage of pregnancy, you can get away with wearing your old clothes, but if you want to purchase a dress that will last you through the next nine months, that's OK too! A subtle print and V-neck cut will draw attention upwards. Finish the look with a pair of comfy black pumps that will last you throughout your pregnancy.

Get Kate Midleton's style

Halfway there

When you're as tiny as Kate, sometimes when you're even halfway through your pregnancy you can still rock non-maternity styles, like this Topshop dress (see above) she wore to check out the Harry Potter exhibit in London. The trick? Look for loose, flowing styles that glide over your bump rather than restrict it. Your best bet? Go up a few sizes from your normal size! And since Kate is a princess of the people, we're going to recycle those comfy pumps we just got for this look.

Get Kate Midleton's style

In the homestretch

You're almost there! Now's the time to really emphasize that bump! This look is perfect for weddings and other special events you'll be heading to this summer. The great thing is you don't need to wear the coat if you don't want to, but for cooler days, it's a fantastic layering piece. And since you don't have to be as prim and proper as a princess, you can take the hemline up a bit.

Get Kate Midleton's style

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Annabel June 07, 2013 | 12:57 PM

I went through my pregnancies never needing maternity clothes. The A-line mini skirt was in fashion in the 60's so I didn't show even at 8 months, plus I carried mine to the back (makes delivery absolute hell but worth it - no stretch marks. Very long legs helped a great deal.

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